borders all around

We usually see borders of counties, states or countries as lines on a map, a river or a bump in the highway, but how wide is a border officially - 1/16" of an inch, 4 inches or 3 ft ?

Aren’t they thin enough to split an atom between states ? As soon as you give the line an official width, you’ll end up with an area that’s outside the control of either adjoining territory.

Hmm… Then I could set up a line of cocaine right on the border, and nobody could do a thing… MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!


That’s correct. A border is more properly called a “frontier.” It’s a point where the jurisdiction of one entity ends and oanother begins.

Not post padding, but there’s one border where you’ll find a long drawn line … State Line Road, dividing Missouri and Kansas in te Kansas City metro. It really looks like a normal street; there’s not even a pavement break at the state line. For law enforcement purposes, the traffic dividing line is considered the state boundary, although it doesn’t precisely follow the surveyed state line.

Just a short piece from here is “County Line Road”, one of probably thousands just in the state of Mississippi. I’ve heard of several "State Line Road"s, so there is not anything unique about any of them and as stated they do not exactly follow the actual border.