Bored? Air hockey beckons...

Well, you can’t beat some decent air hockey online if you’ve nothing else to do.

Wow… THANK YOU!!! This is great! :slight_smile:

I would just like to add that I totally ROCK!!

We all already knew that, Silver Fire.

Wow, a compliment completely out of nowhere. Thanks. :slight_smile: But I meant the game. And I don’t rock, I was wrong. I can only get to the 8th level. And I take it too seriously, swearing at my computer and stuff. Damn internet addictions, as if I needed anymore…

Thank you.

It is the sport of kings and maniacs likle myself.

Well, I just beat it, beat it big time. One continue used, non stop for 15 mins. I believe the password I got for level 9 or 10 was DSEWLV. The ending leaves much to be desired.