Borg vs Lightsabers

I actually recall an episode of TnG (or was it one of the movies?) where Picard and Guinan are on the holodeck playing out one of Picard’s detective games, and a few borg attack.

Picard blasts them away with his Tommy Gun.

Ever since then I’ve wondered why they didn’t just replicate some old fashioned 20th century weapons for fighting the borg.

It was First Contact and he killed one Borg, not the entire ship that was full of them. They would have adapted eventually.

See, I don’t understand that. If energy weapons don’t work, but projectile weapons do, why not use guns and grenades?

We have no idea if projectile weapons do work. All we have to base that supposition on is one scene in one movie wherein one (or maybe two or three… it’s been a while) Borg drone was killed.

Think of it in another way as well. Each time a starship runs across a Cube, it’s able to damage it with its first few phaser volleys. I’m guessing it’s cause there is some sort of variance from ship to ship or something. The thing is, though, that they do eventually adapt and those energy beams no longer damage the ship anymore than a spitwad would.

How do we know that the same didn’t happen right after the death of the Drone via machine gun?

Because bullets don’t have phase variances?

Right. Phase variances allow multiple versions of the same weapon to kill and/or damage but bullets are just metal. Blocking one with a shield should be just as easy as blocking another.

I guess having an adaptable shield in a fantacy world has its benefits…

Though, can a shield that will stop one attack (say an energy type) simultaneously halt another type of attack (such as a physical bullit)? Meaning, if you hit them with two shots, would one get through? I realize this would be a silly question were it not for Star Trek physics, but I am curious.

Photon torpedoes use a physical casing to deliver a M/AM explosion, so I’m going to say yes.

What’s the difference between a bullet and a Bat’leth? Or a phaser used as a club? Or all the other physical attacks that have been used to take out Borg before? We’ve never seen them adapt to such attacks.
Are you telling me that the Borg have never been attacked by edged weapons before, or shot by bullets, or hit with clubs? What makes you think that a drone can adapt just as well as a Cube?

Personally I think Borg are incredibly overrated, even before we start talking about Voyager.

I’d always thought that a borg’s “adapting” was just learning to absorb (for lack of a better word) the energy…

Considering the Federation’s…er, “less than stellar” performances when it comes to infantry actions, I’d always assumed that Starfleet’s military leadership had simply overlooked the possibility of using “primitive” projectile weapons against the Borg.

I suppose you could draw the analogy of Earth being attacked today, in the early 21st century, by aliens who possessed technology rendering them invulnerable to projectile weapons and explosives. How long would it take the Pentagon to discover that the aliens were extremely vulnerable to bronze swords, or a bone spear thrown from an atlatl?

I mean, at one point in the 23rd century, Sulu started to explain to Captain Kirk what a gun was—Although Kirk is known to had collected firearms in his apartment on Earth, but Sulu might not have known that at the time. Sulu’s actions might at least suggest that, by the 23rd century, projectile weapons might be so far removed from the public consciousness that military planners would consider them so obsolete as to be beneath consideration.

Just be glad Starfleet didn’t have any light cavalry brigades.

Although, it should be noted, Starfleet did develop a projectile weapon of their own, one time…the Tr-116. It was featured in an episode of Deep Space Nine, so it’s even canon.

Hrm. Good point. Infantry they ain’t.

Upon further thought I figure one bored company of marines from Iwo Jima would be able to take over Star Fleet HQ in about an hour or so.

I find it near impossible to believe that the Borg’s personal shields cannot adapt to simple physical attacks when given enough time considering that all other shield technology shown on all Trek series has been fully capable of blocking both energy and matter.

I forgot to add that I’m not a Borg fanboy by any means. They were an interesting concept in the early seasons of TNG but they had already been fucked over by “The Best of Both Worlds II” when the Enterprise destroyed a Cube by telling them to sleep. Voyager just made them that much worse by having Janeway make the Queen her bitch at every turn.

The Romulans, on the other hand, deserve to rule the galaxy.

Heh. You know the TV-show cliche where the bad guys get defeated by a bunch of primative tribesmen armed with spears and clubs? We all know that 90% of StarFleet personnel would meet the same fate. Picard and Riker would be the Evil Overlord and his one competant henchman :slight_smile: