Boring test post

Hmmm …


This is my test post since registering as well…


Testing… 1 2 3

Oh my…I’m a guest…I feel so…outsider-y.


Anyway, this is my first post since the board change and I just wanted to see what would happen. I got a loverly screen asking if I wouldn’t like to subscribe. I’m gonna get that every time, huh?

Yet another test post!

Zev Steinhardt

Huh. I did the whole subscribing thing, but I seem to be relegated to the back of the bus still. Maybe it takes awhile to kick in.

Just a test after registration. :slight_smile:

Check. Testing one, two-- sibilance, sibilance.

Don’t mind me; just checking for the “Charter Member” thingy.

scurries back into the shadows


Is this were you sign up for the super secret handshake diagram?

Yadda yadda test yadda

Hey, I want to test too.
All the cool kids are doing it…

::sticks her head in, and then sheepishly goes back to lurking in the halls.::

So why do some unsubscribed people have “guest” and some have (non-charter)“Member”?

Houston, we have a post count?

Yet another boring test just to see…

Hah, not really. As an aside, why are we still missing four smilies? Glad to see that the ones we do have have some of their color back, though.

Testing my (charter) member(ship).