Bosda fights a little Ignorance on the VT Shooting.

Well, THIS came up in one of our local papers.

Okaaaayy…reading Horror Novels turns you into a killer?


I rise to the occasion!

Obviously, I was tailoring my argument for a non-SDMB audience, yet, I think I did well.

That is obvious. They’d get a level-one trouting. So far, it sounds like a level-one trouting is in order.

Get them ignorant folk!

I am reluctant to administer a Trouting, because the locals might think it was something like snake-handling, & begin a new church around it, & I don’t want that on my conscience.

Too easy. Google the guy and you’ll find he’s the local John Birch Society corresponding Sec, and a gun show dealer. Also a member of every looney tune group in the area.

Forgot to mention he was a former State Senator in ND.

Oh, just like snake handling except it’s a fish and the fish is brandished in such a way…but I lecture the wrong individual.
I’d let them create a “Church of Trout” around me. I’d tell them to stop being frickin’ idiots.

My favorite response to people who point to literature and/or forms of pop culture such as music (what those kids listen to today!) is to quietly point out the book that’s been used as justification for the MOST wars and the MOST bloodshed: The Bible.

Want to burn/ban books? I have a great suggestion for where you can start.

I’m kind of annoyed that I lost the link*, but a while ago, I found a page that listed all of the corrupting influences on kids through out the ages, and after it listed all of the rock music, jazz music, dance, it listed a quote by some guy in the 1600s along the lines of “Novels cause kid’s minds to rot, good parents don’t allow their kids to read novels, etc”. We’ve come full circle in the excuse spectrum.

I, for one, welcome our new Jazz corrupted overlords.

*if someone could insert a working link here, that would be great, yeah . . .

What a loon. Obviously, reading H.P. Lovecraft doesn’t lead to shooting massacres! It leads to blasphemous midnight sacrifices that awaken the Elder Gods from their ancient slumber, wholly obliterating the wretched blight of humanity in an eldritch cataclysm of gibbering madness. I thought everyone knew that.

You should have pointed that out in your letter. But it was a worthy refutation anyway.