Bosda Gets Good Karma

Saturday, I found a Box Turtle crawling into the street, in a high-traffic area. I took it to the local Nature Trail, & released it into the greenery.

This morning, I found an old lady, trying to adjust the strap on her oxygen bottle. Age had made her hands stiff, so I helped her fix the strap, and then I [del]took her to the local Nature Trail, & released her into the greenery[/del] said goodbye, with a smile.

Good Karma, Ah reckon!

Were you in the Spring Green area?

For the Turtle, or the Old Lady? :confused:


For some reason, I’ve always wanted to see a box turtle in the wild. To me they’re basically mythical animals. So good on you for saving one!

I did that same deed a few years ago, saving a turtle from certain highway death. Fucker peed on me.

No Spring Green down in Dogpatch, TN, my friend.

Hold the shell, two handed, by the edges, with hands at either side.

Up in Lansing Michigan I once approached an intersection at the very edge of town, almost in the country. Traffic seemed to be stopped in all four directions. So I got out to have a look, and smack dab in the middle of the intersection was the biggest, meanest snapping turtle I have ever seen. Sucker looked like it could bite through a tire!

Finally, one guy stood in front of it to get it’s attention, while another approached from behind. Wearing long gloves he grabbed it by the tip of it’s long tail and pulled it off the road. It didn’t quite manage to twist around and chomp him. So turtle and tires were saved!

I thought maybe you were visiting or on vacation. Spring Green is one of the few places where a rare box turtle is.

Fair enough, but this was a plain old fashioned box turtle, one that wears Spats & votes for Teddy Roosevelt every 4 years.

None of your newfangled Digital Turtles here, nosireebob! :smiley: