Bose mp3 player?

Is there such a thing?

A friend of mine said she was at a party and someone had a Bose mp3 player. She said it was about as big as a pack of cards. I knew Bose does really good small speakers. I asked her, are you sure that wasn’t a Bose bluetooth speaker that was playing music from her iPod? and she said, no, it was a Bose player.

I’ve gone on google and amazon and all I can find are Bose *accessories *for mp3/mp4 players but not any players themselves. Any suggestions?

I guess there isn’t any such thing, or someone here would know about it. I thought it had to be a speaker. Thanks. :wink:

There are none listed on Bose’s official website, so if they made them, they’re no currently doing so.

That concurs with my research/conclusion. Too bad, because my friend said she’d sure like to have one of them, and I was going to put it on my Christmas list for her. But hey! if there’s no such thing… Thanks.

Could it have been an iBasso DX80? It about the size of a deck of cards.

That’s a nice music box. Two SD card slots!

Wow- it sure could have been. *Bose *and *Basso *sound enough alike. My friend saw it at a big, noisy party, and she heard the name in passing. This would certainly fit the bill and make a fab Christmas present. Thank you. :slight_smile:

How much do I really like her…? Well, we’ve been friends for over 50 years and she’s also retiring this year. I could consider it a retirement gift.

That thing is about $300, which is within striking distance of the cost of a smartphone or something like an iPod Touch, either of which would offer much more functionality than a dedicated music player.

If it being BOSE isn’t that big a deal, take a look at other “high resolution music players” offered through Amazon. Most of them are the size or smaller than a pack of cigs.

I have a Fiio X1, which is less than $100. It sounds noticeably better than my iPod, and can use a128 gig SD card.

Most smart phone won’t have the memory capacity of the high-end music players, and most won’t play all the music formats that are available.

But you might do your friend a favor by NOT buying a higher end player. The “lossless” music formats are usually several times the price, and their quality is not several times an MPS player’s IMO. You don’t want to hook your friend into buying high res music when the odds are they can’t even hear the difference.

Maybe it wasthiscombination package.

Thanks, y’all.

And the other thing is she has a Samsung smartphone that’s pretty new-- not sure what model–but it can play some great music, right? She’s one of those people who “never gets around to” figuring out what her gadgets can do. So a high-end mp3 player prolly isn’t such a great idea. I appreciate the helpful comments.

Maybe I’ll buy her a few bottles of single malt Scotch. That goes well with retirement.