Boston University unveiled a new Martin Luther King Jr. statue. Is it just me or does it look like someone performing a sexual act?

Here’s an article about it:

I’ll leave it to you to decide:

How do you know it was supposed to be about Martin Luther King Jr? It doesn’t look like him:

Well, when correctly viewed…

Regardless, it’s a horrific sculpture.

Yes, All I’ve heard from people since its unveiling is the unflattering angle that you allude to.

Its not just you. Its the only thing people are talking about after this unveiling.

Wait until it comes to life and starts rampaging through the city.

Yeah, I think that’s probably an idea that sounded a whole lot better during the early planning stages when they were just talking about it.

Not seeing the sex act but it is abominable in a New French Extremity body horror sort of way. Was David Cronenberg an influential donor?


I wouldn’t say people performing a sex act-- now, snails, maybe.

My wife’s comment was “Well, that’s unfortunate.”

As she pointed out - just how many people were involved with this project? And, nobody said “Ummm… maybe we should get some public feedback on this design before we commit?”

Really (re: sex act)?

To me, it doesn’t look like people performing a sex act, because it doesn’t look like people at all. And it’s not just “from that angle”: The OP contains pictures from four different angles, and none of them looks coherent.

The second photo looks like somebody feasting on an internal organ stuffed with things I’d rather not contemplate.


I love the concept of a sculptural hug, a strong embrace the hands with character. I’d like to see it in person.

What the hell?

I appreciate that just another sculpture of “famous guy standing up” would be dull, but was there not a screening committee?

OK, so the arms and shoulders of two people embracing tightly, (one wearing a jacket and shirt).

My issue with it is that it could be representing just about anyone and anything related to human union or love but what IS it supposed to communicate? Contrast how the Joe Louis Memorial works because the man was a fighter both on and off the ring, so a punching fist gets it across.

If you’re going to be abstract, be abstract. If you’re going to be representational, represent.

There’s definitely one angle where it’s easy to mistake an arm as a leg. And then it looks to me like the other person has their face buried in the crotch. I blame the lack of torsos. Also heads. How would people know it’s MLK and his wife? Is the image of them embracing that well known?

The word “grotesquerie” springs to mind.

Sexual? Probably. Cannibalistic? Sure. Disturbing? Definitely.

To be fair, I get that some art takes time to be appreciated. IIRC Parisians hated the Eiffel Tower when it was built. Now they cannot imagine their city without it.

But this…I am not getting the MLK connection. A Coretta and MLK embracing statue would be cool. This is not that.

If they wanted a cunnilingus statue then they are on the right track.

Huh? I’m in Boston and people have been talking about it in person, on Teams (work) on the radio and TV for 24 hours and this is the first I’m hearing about this weird angle.

Maybe I just hang out with the wrong cries. I guess I missed out on the sports radio discussion of this event.