Botanists: ID this flower?

I saw the strangest flowers in a window box outside a tavern earlier this summer. They look like little monster faces, and all are perfectly upright. I can’t decide if this is some bizarre, but real, flower, of if someone painted them this way.
Monster Face Flowers

Any thoughts?

I’m certainly no botanist, but those appear to be a variety of pansy. Perhaps someone can give you the specific cultivar.

Yep. Definitely a variety of Viola tricolor.

Identifying the variety is going to be tricky, I suspect, as they are many and rather mutable.

Damn, beaten to it. Yeah, viola tricolor. Might be an escaped garden hybrid variety. If you like them, they are for sale everywhere.
But yes, they do look a little like scowling faces, don’t they?

If you wanted to grow the variety in the picture I’d suggest looking for Johnny Jump Up seeds or plants. I’m not a botanist and don’t know if JJUs are a type of pansy, or pansies and JJUs are two types of the same thing.

The latter. They’re all violas, including the JJUs.

Ah, the common viola, one of my favourite plants. They’re disliked as weeds by some, but I love the pretty purple flowers, and they grow everywhere, in any conditions here. I brought some seeds with me from my last yard, and they’ve started popping up everywhere here, too, in our new yard.

Thanks, everyone! I knew the truth was out there…TRM