Botched transplant girl dies]God damn it. That poor girl. I hope she’s not suffering now.


God damn it again. Could someone fix the damn coding? :mad:

How’s that.

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And now the lawsuits begin.

I’m not sure there will be any lawsuits. It depends on what the parents signed before the surgery. I’ve been to Duke many many times. My mother spent many months there the last 2 years of her life. Once she spent 4 months in ICU. It is a fine, upstanding hospital.
This is so very very sad. I think the guy that’s the family spokes person is an idiot. I admire his determination to help the family, but he’s the wrong person to have as a spokesman for the family. Just watching his interviews tells the story. He doesn’t remember half of what the doctors tell them and he gets confused on the facts.
If anything happens to me that’s where I want to be taken.

Maybe I’m an idiot, but is the family restricted in any way in filing legal action because they’re illegal aliens?

How sad.
Now, this is a odd question, but are her organs suitable for donation and , I meant to start a thread asking this, the original transplant organs, are they donatable again or are they useless?

Shirley Ujest, that question was asked over in this GQ thread (at the bottom of page 1), and the answer was no - I went to that thread earlier to ask the same thing and found the answer there already. As to her other organs, I’d figure that between the original heart problems and the problems associated with the botched transplant that they’re likely not usable.

That’s horrible. It’s a shame that a mistake that should never have been made like that most likely led to her death.

I saw that the family won’t be donating any of her organs, though. That’s just a bit insulting, given the circumstances, wouldn’t you think?

They won’t donate her organs? Or cannot because of the anti-rejection medicine used?

If it is the former, that is just plain cold.

Or maybe because of religious reasons?

See this thread…