Botticelli - December 2015

All righty, I’ll start the thread then.

I am S.

Did you paint a picture of Venus rising?

Are you a Mountie’s arch-rival?

Is your son capable of warping reality, aging himself to adulthood, and owed his safe birth to an alien space spore?


Hey, welcome to the game, Shodan!

I am not Sandro Botticelli.
I am not Snidely Whiplash.
Take a DQ for the third one.

IQ1: Did you play a Green Beret, a gangster trying to go straight, and a cop falsely accused of manslaughter?
IQ2: Were you really Theodor Geisel?
IQ3: Did your father name his bakery chain after you?

I am not Dr. Seuss. Take 2 DQs.

Sylvester Stallone (the Rambo series, Oscar, and Demolition Man).
Sara Lee Whateverherlastnamewas. :smiley:
DQ1: Real?
DQ2: Male?


  1. Real
  2. Male

IQ1: Did you succeed Wesley Dodds as Sandman?
IQ2: Were you originally a stage magician dressed as a swami who used the Ruby of Life?
IQ3: Are you a member of the Legion of Super Heroes whose real name is Imra Ardeen?

IQ1: Did an oratorio by Handel, which included an instrumental piece involving the arrival of a queen, bear your name?
IQ2: Did you visit the witch of Endor?
IQ3: Did the witch of Endor summon you?

I am not Sandy Hawkins.
I am not Sargon the Sorcerer.
I am not Shrinking Violet.

Take a DQ for #1. I’m neither Saul nor Samuel.

Solomon. (“The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”)
DQ: Living?

Damn, missed the Dec. thread until now. And that’s one of my favorite Handel pieces!


Did you insult Lincoln when you both worked on the McCormick Reaper case?
Did Lincoln tell you, after accepting a diplomat’s credentials, who he would be appointing as postmaster in Detroit?
Were you appointed Chief Justice of the United States in late 1864?

#1. I am not Stephen A. Douglas. If this is wrong, take a DQ.
Take 2 other DQs anyway.

correct, correct, Saturn Girl

DQ: Last name start with S?


  1. Real
  2. Male
  3. Last name starts with S

IQ1: Were you recently portrayed on The Flash and *Arrow *by Casper Crump?
IQ2: Were you the first superhero to bear the name Green Lantern?
IQ3: Are you a Batman villain, a.k.a. Phil Cobb, who once managed to trap Batman in his own customized beacon?

I am not Vandal Savage.
I am not Alan Scott.
I am not Signalman. Take a DQ if that one’s wrong.

All correct.

SCAdian has a DQ pending: Living?

IQ1: Were you originally a sidekick to Pat Dugan, whom you joined in battling Nazis and Fifth-Columnists during WWII?
IQ2: Are you IQ1’s real name?
IQ3: Are you Pat Dugan’s alias?



  1. Real
  2. Male
  3. Last name starts with S
  4. Dead