Botticelli, February 2014

Your letter is … R.

IQ1: Did a quartet wonder whatever had happened to you?
IQ2: Are you the sheriff of Conniption?
IQ3: Are you the top-scoring US fighter ace?


  1. Were you one of Honest Abe’s kids?
  2. Are you secretly the Atom?
  3. Did D’Artagnan foil your crafty schemes?

IQ: Are you the namesake of a “spotty” test?

DQs for 1 and 2. For 3, I think you’re looking for Richard Bong.

I’m neither Robert Lincoln nor Ray Palmer. Take a DQ for 3.

I’m not Hermann Rohrschach.

#3 was Cardinal Richelieu.

DQ: Real?


  1. Did you play the Sundance Kid?
  2. Did you perform the definitive version of Georgia On My Mind?
  3. Were you the first Mrs. de Winter?

IQ: Were you just elected to the Hall of Fame, the 1st one at your position?


Summary for R:

  1. Not real.

I’m neither Robert Redford nor Ray Charles. Take a DQ for 3.

No idea. Take a DQ.

Ray Guy is the 1st punter in Canton.

DQ: Living?

Argh! Football! Never even crossed my mind–I was thinking baseball, hockey, even rock-n-roll; but never thought of football!

Summary for R:

  1. Not real.
  2. Dead.

The first Mrs. de Winter is the title character of Daphne du Maurier’s novel (and subsequent film), Rebecca.

DQ: Male?


  1. Are you Don Quixote’s horse?
  2. Did you steal from the rich and give to the poor?
  3. Are you the comic book alter ego of Clint Steele?

Yes, male.

Summary for R:

  1. Not real.
  2. Dead.
  3. Male

I’m neither Rocinante nor Robin Hood. DQ for 3.

IQ: Is your wedding the centerpiece of the ending of a popular sitcom?


Are you the best-known person to come from Dixon, Illinois?
Were you shown in a cartoon putting your boss into a straitjacket?
Does a statue of you stand outside the British Houses of Parliament?

I can think of a few sitcom weddings, but none that end the series. DQ.

For 1, I’m not Ronald Reagan. For 3, I’m not Richard the Lionheart.

DQ for 2.

Robin Scherbatski’s wedding end How I Met Your Mother

DQ: Created by an American?

Guess I need to start watching that. :slight_smile:

Yes, created by an American.

Summary for R:

  1. Not real.
  2. Dead.
  3. Male.
  4. Created by an American.

IQ: Is your older brother very attached to his blue blanket, while your sister is a crack shrink?