Botticelli - June 2012

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IQ1: Were you partially responsible for authoring a book that tells others how to write?
IQ2: Is your first name the result of a misspelling?
IQ3: Are you a comedian who always be thinkin’?

IQ1: Are you an English composer renowned for the soundtrack music to ‘Henry V’ and ‘The Battle of Britain’?

IQ2: Are you a different English composer who wrote ‘A Sea Symphony’, among other symphonic and operatic works?

IQ3: Are you the American poet whose words were set throughout the above composer’s ‘A Sea Symphony’? (And ‘Toward the Unknown Region’, ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ among many others…)

IQ1: Did you warn Smokey that he was entering “a world of pain”?
IQ2: Were you a millstone around Dukakis’s neck in 1988?
IQ3: Did you invent and lend your name to a vaguely obscene-sounding rotary engine?

Have you been married 46 years, and are very bitter about it?

IQ1: Were you a wealthy businessman in a James Bond movie featuring a character named Tiffany Case?

IQ2: Whatchoo talkin’ 'bout?

IQ3: Did you witness your parents’ death at the hands of a gunman, while you and they were heading home from the theatre?

No, I’m not E.B. White.
Dunno about the second or third. Two DQs, then.

The first… was that the guy played by Jimmy Dean? I forget his name. DQ. I’m neither Willis from Diff’rent Strokes, nor Bruce Wayne.

I think William Wyler is one of these, but I’m not sure. Take two, or three if earned, DQs.

I’m not Walter Sobchak, the John Goodman character from The Big Lebowski, nor am I Willie Horton, or Mr. Wankel.

Dunno this one. Take a DQ.

You guys are good!

DQ:Are you a fictional character? (I was going for Jeff Dunham’s “friend” Walter)

Correct on Bruce Wayne and Willis.

You’re right; it was the guy played by Jimmy Dean. The character’s name was Willard Whyte.

DQ: Are you male?

Oprah Winfrey was supposed to be Orpah, and the third question related to comedian George Wallace.

I would like to hold my DQ’s for a little bit.

IQ1: Did you star, alongside Richard Pryor, in a 70s movie about a murder aboard a train?

IQ2: Did you issue five Golden Tickets in random packages of your product?

IQ3: Did You Ever Look For Jobs At Apple Computer?

IQ1: Are you an electrician turned labor leader turned president?
IQ2: Were you a part of the Everly Brothers’ touring band in the early 1970s?
IQ3: Were you a philosopher whose most influential work was published posthumously?

I’m Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka, or Steve Wozniak.

I’m not Lech Walesa, dunno the second, or Wittgenstein. Take a DQ.


  1. Real person
  2. Male

Warren Zevon was the Everly Brothers keyboard player and band leader for a few years.

DQ: Are you currently alive?

Correct on all, though I think you meant to say, “I’m not Gene Wilder…” :wink:

IQ1: I know you’re not Tyler or Arthur or Pierce or even Hayes, but could you be another, who died in thirty days?

IQ2: Are you the father in a movie and Broadway show that includes such songs as “You’re Timeless to Me,” and “I Can Hear the Bells”?

IQ3: Did you develop the brand that marketed itself as “the best in the house, in 87 lands”?

Did you represent the U.S. at the Versaille Conference?