Botticelli - Round 20

I’m JT. The rules for new players: Botticelli (game) - Wikipedia

Did you write Horse-Houghing Husbandry?

Were you one of the “saddest of possible words”?

Are you an English agricultural pioneer and also the name of a rock band? Rats! already taken!

Are you a football player called the “Assassin”?

Are you known by the nickname “the Shark?”

Were you a gold-medal winning assistant coach who couldn’t win it when promoted?

Are you the singing son of a college professor?

Not Jethro Tull.

Not Joe Tinker either.

Not the great Jack Tatum.

Wow, I’m drawing a blank here, but I feel as though I should really know it. DQ for Enginerd.

John Thompson, right? Nope.

Nor am I the fine James Taylor.

This is Jerry “Tark the Shark” Tarkanian.

DQ: Are you male?

IQ: Have you worked extensively with both the Coen Brothers and Spike Lee?

Are you the tenth President of the United States?

Yes, I’m male.
No, I’m not John Torturo.

Not John Tyler.

IQ: Are you a crusader against video game violence?

Did you trip the light fantastic recently with the stars?

Did you lay down a play-off winning hit?

Oh, and apropos of nothing, when my Mom was an undergraduate nursing student at UNC-Chapel Hill (in the 50’s), she worked for Professor Taylor. Never met JT as far as I know. So, I’m a decade away from being JT, Jr.
[/Maxwell Smart] Missed it by THAT much. [/Maxwell Smart]

Did you win an Academy Award as director and star of the Best Foreign Film of 1958?

Are you currently managing the greatest baseball team on the planet, after having been manager of the world’s lamest baseball team?

Not Jason Taylor.

This could be a lot of people. I’m not Justin Tuck, if that’s who you mean, but if not I’ll spot you a DQ.

Man, I got nothin’ on that one. Who? (and take a DQ, astorian)

I’m not Joe Torre, but you have your chronology exactly backwards.
I oughtta give you a DisQualification, wise guy.

Missed this one:

Not that dirty scumbag Jack Thompson.

Did you date Britney Spears?