Bottle Lamps

Many years ago, before the invention of the electric drill, people used to make lamps out of fancy whiskey bottles. How was the hole drilled near the bottom of the bottle to pass the cord through?

I don’t know the date of when these bottles were produced, but perhaps they used one of these? I’m sorry I can’t be more certain in GQ.

Or perhaps one of these.

My guess would also be that they used one of the egg beater type drills also. Doubt if a brace and bit would work.

Use an 'egg beater ’ hand drill with a hardened triangular bit to drill glass – carefully – very carefully. Preferably under water to restrain flying chips. Wear safety goggles.

Or go first class and buy a set of carbide abrasive drills in assorted small sizes and in larger tubular type sizes.

Egg-beater drill. I’ve made one using one of those, so it can be done! :smiley: