Bottled water

Do they still make it in glass bottles? The water around here sucks, and the stuff in plastic has a nasty aftertaste. I have invented a new word for this: plastertase.

Please help me get good water!

I have another name for it: Pollution. If the bottled water you drink tastes funny I’d thing about moving. What part of Love Canal do you live in?

Uhhh…well I can’t consider moving right now since I’m attending University and I’m sorta stuck here. The bottled water I drink is really fine, but after you suck on the plastic bottles for a while it begins to taste like plastic. This does not happen with glass bottles of the same brand, but I haven’t seen them in years and years.

…also the glass bottles seem to keep the water cooler longer than plastic once you take them out of the fridge.

Here’s a novel idea. Pour your bottled water into a Thermos bottle. It’s lined with mirrored glass. Except the lid is probably plastic. Or get a Mason jar. They have metal lids.

Check REI. There’s a backpack you can wear that keeps water cool and allows you to sip it through a…er…plastic straw.

How about a wineskin? Or a metal canteen? Drink only unsweetened Cranberry juice. You will never, ever taste any plastic.

The only water in glass bottles that I’ve seen in years is of the $2- a bottle ‘imported from europe’ variety.
But I found a brand called Aplachain that comes in special kind of plastic that doesn’t make the water taste like plastic. The plastic is more prismatic than normal plastic, and clearer in color. There is a big taste difference.


Gravity, thanks, I’ll check it out.

I know you can have seltzer in glass bottles delivered. I suppose you could just let it go flat.

I put filtered water in glass milk bottles.