"bottled water"

Why don’t they put water in cans? Is there some sort of health reason or is it just tradition or esthetics?

“Canned water” just doesn’t have that same appeal…

Why do they make canned water? They have it at my grocery store. (Daisani brand I think) They probably have it yours.

I can’t imagine anyone buying it.

A can of water ? I can’t think of a good way to market that.

The focus of bottled water IMO is purity.
You pay extra to get clean, pure water a can would :

keep you from seeing the water and how clean it looks.
Impart a metal taste.
Reduce the serving size unless you used a 20oz + can.
A 20oz + can would add to the cost and now you would have to sell the extra cost as some sort of benifit to the consumer.

“A can of water ? I can’t think of a good way to market that.”

They could promote as a luxury item for dogs housed in kennels.

Something like:
Dogs love it because it’s straight from “the can”

-sorry, couldn’t resist that

You get Perrier in cans over here (England). But i agree, it’s just not very appealing is it? I think the Perrier in a can works because it’s an established brand and people are confident that they know what they’re getting. But canned water in general… err, no.


Soda is 99% water, you can get it in cans.

Yeah, metal imparts too much taste to water alone. Water or glass is better.