Bottles of water on lawn: Feng Shui?

I live in N. San Diego county. By my imprecise observations, the immediate area has more people of Filipino and Southeast Asian ancestry than the average for San Diego county.

I take walks around my neighborhood, and now I have notice a second yard that always has several filled bottles of water (A clear liquid. I have not opened them) on the lawn. I think in both cases one bottle is near a tree. One set of bottles are Carlo Rossi type wine jugs, another are quart plastic bottles. The bottles do not have tea bags in them, so they’re not brewing sun tea.

My next guess was some sort of Feng Shui (Chinese Geomancery). Anybody know anything?

I seem to recall hearing that some people believe that it keeps dogs off your lawn. Something about the reflective bottle makes them nervous, in theory.

I’ve seen it from time to time in my neighborhood (Ocean Beach), which is bohemian, but not predominantly Asian.

This was pretty popular here about 10-15 years ago, and had nothing to do with feng-shui, it was supposed to stop dogs doing there business in your yard.
Theory has it that dogs won’t defecate or urinate near potable water, so if you put water in your yard, dogs won’t sh*t on your lawn, or burn it by peeing on it. Now if you put out open water containers the water evaporates, or the dog drinks it and you’re back to square one, so you use clear sealed bottles.
I have no idea if this silly idea works, but like I said no-one’s used it here for about 10 year for the obvious reason that water bottles scattered over your lawn are more unsightly than dog crap, and water bottles burn holes in your lawn faster than dog urine.
I guess if you place a bottle against a tree dogs won’t pee on your tree.
IMNSHO it is a silly idea.

I’ve heard the potable water story before as well. I know that dogs have good olfactory capabilities, but I wonder of they could determine if the water was suitable for drinking if the water is in a sealed container.

Yes, it’s Feng Shui. Dogshit can really screw up your Chi. :wink: