Bought item 4 months ago on EBay. Now broken. Any recourse?

I doubt there is but I thought I’d check.

Recourse from whom, for what?

Question is useless without specifics. What was the item? was it sold as new or used? In what way is it broken?

Pretty sure the answer is “no”.

I’m having a hard time thinking of anything you could buy on Ebay where the answer would be “yes”.

The only entity which you could have possibly recourse to is the seller. Unless he/she can identify him/herself from your fine OP here, there’s not much reason to ask us. Ask them directly. But be prepared to be told “no”, and probably not very politely.

It’s possible for things on ebay to have warranties.

Yeah. Specifics are needed. But probably no.

List it for sale as “vintage”.