BOUNCE! CRASH! WoohooHOO! (Tygr returns)

Tygr is going back to work!!

…so he’ll finally have some spare time to post on the boards. (Yes, I can SEE yer thrilled.)

For all two of you that were wondering where I been, Mrs. Tygr’s been providing me with impetus to become re-employed by proving that the only way I’ll get spare time is to find it at at a job. In other words, I’ve spent my hiatus nursing a daily “Honey-do” list.

Although, in fairness, we did just move into our house, so there has been a bit of work to do.


Yes, folks, it’s true. I’m back among the ranks of the living, er, employed. And I have the Straight Dope to thank for it. Specifically, I have to thank The SDMB Saint-in-residence, Polycarp.

The back-story is here, so I’ll just do a quick recap: I was laid off from my job about a month ago, just days before our scheduled closing on the house.

<observation> And may I just say to any of you “extreme” sports enthusiasts, if you want REAL exhilaration, try facing the prospect of a new mortgage with no paycheck. Base-jumping’s got nothing on that for full-blown panic… </observation>

Anyway, I started the above-noted thread as an outlet for said panic. Then, clear outta the blue, Polycarp (who, I find out, is a fellow resident of the Research Triangle area of NC) replies saying that his company is looking for an experienced graphic designer. He offers to forward my resume to the relevant department. I tell y’all this - Clark Kent never typed as fast as I did that day.

I e-mailed it to him, then I received a call two days later from the person in charge, asking me to come in for an interview. Happy dance soon followed.

Interview goes well, get called back for second interview (with department head). Have a genuine George Zimmer moment, buying a new suit at the last minute, all thanks to my Mom and an extremely generous house-warming gift sub[/sub].

They musta liked what I said in that interview, coz a few days later they called wanting my references, and wanting me to take a personality test. I figgered I could give 'em a buncha personal references (Dopers as well as IRL) that would prove I got TONS of personality. But they wanted some kinda numeric quantification - like THAT’S gonna convey the awesome wit and brilliance that is me.

Couple days after that they call me again. Apparently that test showed that I WASN’T a raving maniac after all [sub](Ha-ha, I sure fooled them.)[/sub]. They offered me the position, with a really good starting salary - significantly more than I was making at the previous job.

So I accepted the offer, and started officially on Tuesday.

As I said, this has been a busy month. So Sunday we went out to The Melting Pot (fondue restaurant) to celebrate all our good fortune. A really lovely time of just us two - a true date. Helped by the fact that, for Christmas, my mother had given us a gift certificate to the restaurant - nearly half the meal was already paid for!

Well, I’m finally gonna wrap this up - I’ve been composing this post for nearly a week now. I TOLD y’all it takes me forever to post…

One last thing: I told Polycarp that I was gonna buy him a steak dinner, but I owe him more than that. Have the Teemings got any ideas? I will nominate him for SDMB sainthood, jes’ as soon as I can figger out where to send the application. - T.I.A.

Good to have you back! And great to hear how wonderful everything is!



Congratulations! That is so excellent!

How’s about tattooing Polycarp’s name on your butt? He might get a kick out of that. :smiley:

Welcome back Tygr! I’d wondered what happened to you. It’s really great to hear that things are going so well for you.

So, are you doing the same kind of thing that you were doing? How’s everything with the house? It may be kind of a blessing in disguise that you had so much time to work on the house, just as you moved in. I know I had to take time off from work when we moved into our first house.

So far as doing something nice for Polycarp goes, you could offer to name your first born for him. “Honey, how did little Polycarp do in school today?” I can just hear it now.

Polycarp, could you bless me please?
A little spit on the forehead will do.
Oh, welcome back Tygr.

I’m Merc.

Welcome back, Tygr!!

I was wondering what had happened to you, and I’m absolutely pickled tink to see that things are on the upswing. Enjoy it, man!

<walks off, amazed at the glories of the SDMB and its people>

Tygr, you mean posting here can actually have a practical purpose, too? I mean, I know it’s fun and I meet a lot of great people, but having a fellow Doper help you find a job is utterly cool! Congrats on your good fortune and kudos to Polycarp for helping you out!

Medea’s Child - Awww, COOL! I’m blushing bashful coz yer the first to welcome me back. Hugs back to you!

…and the Glorious Persephone welcomes me back, too! Ohh, GOODY! HUGS all 'round!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand… You want me to give Poly a kick in the butt?!? Seems an odd way of thanking someone, but okay… Shall I do it here at the office? …or wait for the upcoming Dopefest?

Tommy - Yeah I’m still Graphic Designing. It’s good, but I’m in an all PC office. During the interviews they asked if I was able to do design work on a PC. I told them that doing graphic design on a PC (instead of a Macintosh) is kinda like writing with your left hand - you can do it, it just takes longer and isn’t as neat or efficient.[sub](I’m speaking as a righty - no southpaw discrimination meant!)[/sub]

Mercutio - Spit on the forehead? Y’mean like with a tissue? Dammit, man, he’s a SAINT, not your mother. And for the Straight Sope faithful, yes, I WILL be the one selling little vials of his “remains” after he ascends to his reward.

Jester - “pickled tink”? ROFL! I love a good spoonerism. Actually, its even funnier after considering my wife’s best friend. She calls what her baby deposits in a diaper a tink. The thought of pickling that is just… It’s just…

well, O.K., it’s TMI.


TroubleAgain - I know! To the RW we’re just a buncha geek losers without lives of our own, but we on the inside know better! I’m just the most recent penitent to experience the benefits of membership. The Freemasons got nothing on us now. Soon Dopers will occupy ALL significant positions. And we are NOT a cult. Because the inner cabal and the master, His Benevolent Omnipotence [sub](or is it Omnipotent Benevolence? I can never remember…)[/sub] UNCA CECIL, SAYS SO!

Now, I must write my check for ninety percent of my gross salary payable to The Chicago Reader, and then perform my mid-day rituals… Which direction is the nearest ley line?

Congratulations, ////Tygr\\! This is good news, indeed, and especially nice to hear that our esteemed Polycarp was able to assist you.

----:)/ x o x o x