Bouts with 1337-1t15

I have suffered from 1337-1t15 (leet-itis) one major time. It involved the creation of a username (h0ndaphr33k) that I use on other boards. I was in awe with the “language”. Then I came to the SDMB and fixed my ways.

Anyone else?


(||) D ª

…That “a” was supposed to be a cyrillic E sorta thing…

F4R 83 17 FR0//\ //\3 70 //\3||710|| #4//\4|)R`/4|) #3R3. . .


I first stumbled upon leet in late 1998, in the good ole days of the int@rweb… it was cool, I picked it up almost naturally, soon my sp3ak b3c4me3 a b17 li3k th15.

It was cool, back then you could express j00rs3lf different, but s0()n my language would slip into deep £€37, looking l13k s0//\30n€ |34|2f3/) ÆN @N5! 74bL€ 4££ Øv3r the keyboard.

Tales for the l33t, mmo(rp)gs and the progress of webcomix then made leet from an injoke to a mass phenomenon, and as everything featured in thinkgeek it was l4m3.

I got rid of that habbit, only occasionally using a well placed w00t, roxxor or pwned to make myself understood.

My name is Bubba Ray, and I am a 1337 5p34k3r.


:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I swear ! It’s like teaching puppies not to do it on the rug! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been good with languages.

Silly geek languages are even worse.

Or, maybe I’m just jealous of the way leetspeak rolls tripingly off the keyboards of some?


I for one welcome our new l337 masters :stuck_out_tongue:

For the l337 challenged:

( ||07 |/|3 0f C0|_||253 )

1||73|23571||6. 1 |-|4/3 17 |300|<|/|4|2|<3|) ||0//… 7|-|4|||<5!

Why did I read this? I now have a headache…

My eyes are tearing up.

I checked, and they haven’t taken over yet. It was a close-up on one of our cameras.

(Takes down “|-|@IL 1337s” sign)

This thread needs a host / hostess pointing out the emergency exits.

1’/3 |||57 5|>3||7 4|30||7 |-|4||>|-| 4|| |-|0|_||2 |>|4/1|\|6 \/\/17|-| 7|-|3 \/\/3|35173 4|\||) |\|0\/\/ 1 7|-|1|\||< 1 |_||\||)3|2574|\||) 17. |3|_|7 |\|0\/\/ |\/|/ |-|34|) |-||||275 50 1’|/| 601||6 70 |>|-|0|2637 1 3/3|2 |234|) 7|-|15 7|-||234|)

w00t and l33t (and w00tw00tl33tl33tl33tw00t) are worthy, others are unworthy.

3y3 #4/3 ||0 id34 //#47 J355i|<i77`/ i5 741|<i||9 480u7. 3y3 //0u1d ||0 //\or3 7yp3 4|| 3||7ir3 p057 i|| 1337 7#4|| 3y3 //0u1d 137 4|| 41//\057 70741 57r4||93r 8134(# //\y #41r.

0#, //4i7 - 3y3 did.