Bowling question

There is a bowling tournament on TV and Weber is wearing a golf glove on his bowling hand. At least it looks like one. How does that work in regards to grip and how long would it last. ? Do you get the ball drilled differently for that?

I’ve used a glove from time to time when bowling. Typically the glove has half fingers on your middle and ring fingers to allow for proper fit with the ball. At least, I’ve never seen one with full fingers on each hand. I use fingertip grips inside my ball, so having full fingers on the glove would be uncomfortable.

Some people find they get more spin using the glove, as the stickiness of the glove will help spin the ball. Also, I know a few people that wear them to help keep their hands from getting torn up bowling. If I have a cut or blister on my hand anywhere I’ll wear the glove to help protect it a little bit.

Seems that a glove would last about 2 games. Weber had a full glove I think. In my bowling days I used a full finger grip. I do not see how a glove could last.

If I’m not mistaken, a glove is designed to keep your wrist from “breaking” (not literally) back, or sideways.

Back meaning with your palm facing up, it flops back like spiderman shooting a web.

Sideways meaning with your right palm facing left, try to point your fingers towards the ground.

Basically, it keeps your hand in a locked position so that your fingers impart rotation to the ball.

Yes, you need to get a ball drilled differently if you’re going to use a glove.

Also, what part of the glove do you think would get worn out? With your thumb and fingers in the ball, the palm of the glove is against the ball. As you release the ball, your thumb comes out, your palm comes off, then your fingers come out. There’s nothing in that that makes the glove be abraded – it doesn’t rub against the ball. It’s placed against the ball, then taken off the ball.

Now, if you’re throwing a “frat boy hook” – no thumb in the ball, and just whipping your hand around, it could screw it up, but if that’s your style, wearing out your glove is (probably) the least of your problems.

(“probably” because some people are able to bowl effectively this way.)

You shove the gloved fingers into the holes. I get calloused fron the wear on the thumb area. When I start off the season I sometimes get blisters. That would ,I think< chew up a glove.

Pete has been on the tour since the age of 17; when he started out, he put lots of speed and revs on the ball. After a while, it started to tear up his fingertips. The glove protects his fingers while still allowing him to get maximum lift on the ball. It’s a standard golf glove with the thumb cut out.

As far as how long the gloves last, I don’t know. I imagine there would be a certain “break-in” period; beyond that, I can only guess that he would replace it each week.

Recently, Jeff Carter, a recent addition to the PBA Tour, has also begun using a glove. I don’t imagine it would work for everyone, since for most bowlers it would affect the “feel” of the ball.

Do they still throw full fingertip or has a conventional grip taken over.?

Everyone throws fingertip. A few, like Mike DeVaney, throw what’s known as a “Sarge Easter” grip–one finger conventional, one fingertip. The only time you would see conventional in the pro ranks is in the ball they use for spares, which needs to travel straight. And very few use that–most use fingertip in a hard-surface ball.