bowling shoes

Why are bowling shoes made in those awful colors?

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

So that nobody will steal them?

First, bowlers have never been renowned for their taste in fashion.

Second, it discourages theft of rental shoes.

I dunno, I stole some and wore them to my prom. Worked good on the dance floor too

I always wondered about that theft thing… since nearly everyone else in the alley has the same color scheme, why would the stolen ones attract attention? (Unless they actually saw you taking them out of your bag).

I would have thought the mere fact that they are rental shoes would be deterrent enough.

I think they were fashionable when they first came out, probably in the 1950’s when bowling was fashionable and popular. They have stayed around at some alleys as remembrance of bowlings glory days. However, some alleys have new shoes that look better.

Bowling shoes are like the thing to wear now. They sell them in all the trendy-ass little shoe stores all over the East Village. I know some people who wear bowling shoes, but they look unscuffed so I assume they were bought and not pilfered. Of course I know people who wear boas in broad daylight, too.

One man’s tacky is another man’s hip.