boxers or briefs

Have there been any studies to prove whether or not briefs reduce sperm count? what’s the word on this? thanks.

Briefs CAN though this is not common. Basically sperm require a lower tempature (slightly) than normal body tempature. This is why the testicles are outside the body.

By wearing breifs you push the testicles closer to your body thus “warming” them up. This slight rise may reduce sperm count. While this is not particularly unherard of it isn’t common. If you are young and fertile this isn’t going to make you sterile anymore than sitting in a hot tub.

WebMD says no, there is no proven link.

Same as what Marxxx says.

Hot tubs and saunas… don’t stay in em for too long or you’ll cook yourself. The body only operates within a certain temperature range, and if you raise your temperature too much the required chemical reactions and processes don’t function correctly. also, never use hot tubs or saunas if you’re pregnant.

Topic: wear briefs. chicks like em more.

So why do you wear kilts? :smiley:

Eeeew! Gross! I’ve NEVER been with a woman who prefers briefs. Briefs are SO faggy! Only wear briefs if you want to have sex with other men!

(Although, from the perspective of someone who can be perfectly happy having sex with either men OR women, if I was getting hot and heavy with a guy and undid his pants to find he was wearing briefs I would be SO turned off!!! Briefs are SO faggy!)

Personally, I prefer free-balling, comando-style, swaying in the breeze!

…and the same thing goes for SPEEDOS!

(That’s right, I’m looking at you, Europe!)

Just be careful how you answer…

Bob Dole was on the campaign trail when a wag asked him, “Mr. Dole, do you wear boxers, or briefs?”



Because chicks, and some guys, dig it!

When the core body temperature rises or falls beyond certain allowable extremes trouble ensues, e.g. freezing to death, heat stroke, heat prostration, or reduced sperm count.

Steam rooms, hot tubs, and saunas are OK, just don’t overdo the exposure.

(Bolding mine.)

I can’t believe I missed this. So, bienville, are you saying you’re bisexual? :confused:

Briefs are faggy?

Granted, that’s just about all you see in gay porn, but almost every guy I’ve slept with in the past 10 years has worn either boxers or boxer-briefs.

I haven’t worn briefs in 12 years, and I still seem to manage to have sex with other men (currently, with my fiancé) on a very regular basis. There must be something in the water here, because dammit, I don’t wear briefs and I keep getting laid! :smack:


Yeah, I still can’t believe you let me do that. Will you be wearing a kilt to the NYC Megadope Saturday evening activities again next year? 'Cuz if you are, and Trout is, I might just as well. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

I should probably point out that Speedo is merely a brand name in Europe, and is not synonymous with “tight nylon swimwear for men”. The word you’d be looking for if you really wanted to do some admonishing would be “trunks”.

Of course, then you have to worry about what to tell non-English speakers.

Dude, that kind of talk for a guy is… well, faggy!

Good one, x-ray. :wink:

I have NEVER worn anthing except briefs, and I always use the hot tub in any hotel I’ve stayed in, I drink booze, and when I was young I smoked pot. I’ve made my wife pregnant 3 times, 2 of them planned.
Another theory[s] bites the dust!

I find boxers are poor at keeping you in place and comfortable, particularly when aroused!

On the GQ, vast numbers of brief wearing dads would be the proof that wearing them does not stop sperm production.

I hear ya pk. I don’t know why money is spent on research when they can just look at a success story like yours. My father is 80 years old and has been smokin’ two packs of cigs a day since he was a kid, and they’re tryin’ to tell us that cigarettes cause lung cancer and emphysema? Yeah right.

Ohmygod - eew! Briefs are like, SOOO totally faggy!!
Because that’s how manly, rugged heterosexuals speak!