I was just wondering from both female and male points of view what is better boxers or tighty whities?

Personally I love the look of a man in boxers…

Now what do you think??

I think this thread will have a swift journey to MPSIMS or IMHO.

Other than that, I’d say that Boxers are truly neat, especially around small children whom they naturally “adopt” and treat as their own wards.

Boxers when I’m a man about town, tihty whities when jogging or other athletic activity.

I agree with Scylla, I am all about the Boxers all the time. but, when I used to play baseball it was tighty whities

One word … Thongs! [sub]preferrably leopard print[/sub]

Let me see that…

oh nevermind… just a song that came to mind with Jack’s post…

I like boxer/briefs… on a well sculpted man. Ooohh yaaa…
Otherwise… boxers.

Boxers…man panties are gross. And you can’t steal man-panties and wear them as pjs :slight_smile: (well, you could…but that would be icky)

tomndebb: i knew you meant the dog but I still had an uncontrollable mental image of a pair of shorts playing fetch with a toddler.
As far as OP, i like boxers on a guy.

I’m all about boxers. Except when it’s cold, when I’m all about longjohns.

JBirdman12, it’s Spirit… we miss you at 3FMB!!

Well. I’m sorta stuck in the middle here.

My husband does wear boxers. But they’re the stretchy type. The inbred kind of boxer/jockey undies. I really like them, except he thinks they look “just like shorts” and invariably wears them out to the yard to retrieve the paper or mail, or answers the door in them, or sits around in them whenever someone we know well visits. He thinks, that because HE considers them “just like shorts”, everybody does. Um…no. Not everybody DOES.

Regardless, I prefer the loose version of boxers, simply because the stretchy version has made him a complete embarrassment of my neighborhood.

Oh yeah. The other type of men’s underwear (regular jockey underwear) reminds me of diapers. Something I prefer not to see on a 35 year old male.

OTOH, if I saw him in a speedo, I would have to be committed to a home. Something that funny just shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

Another vote for boxers… the gents need a penthouse suite, not a one-room bachelor pad.

Tighty whities make the gents sweat, which leads to itching, which leads to having to adjust the gents while attractive females are watching.

Which leads to going ‘geez, do I have enough change to grab a coffee?’ as I gouge myself through the pockets. This only occurs when I’m wearing ‘fitted boxers’ because I’m playing paintball that day, or doing something else that requires restricting of the genitalia.


Briefs man here.

I caught myself a case of jock itch a couple of years ago, though, and bought 5-6 pairs of boxers to get me through that episode (briefs chafed :eek: ). Since then, I’ll occasionally wear the boxers, but I still prefer the briefs for general use. Less bouncing about, and fewer adjustments required when I sit to avoid, ah, uncomfortable squeezes.

Having said that, I’m wearing boxers right now 'cause I waited a bit longer than normal to do laundry and I had to dig into the back of the underwear drawer. That’s being taken care of as I type this…

It looks like boxers are winning!!!

Another vote here for boxers. :slight_smile:

I find that I need to adjust about 5x more often when I wear boxers than when I wear briefs. Especially if anything’s going on down there…it’s just embarrassing when you have to do a full scale turnaround adjustment when wearing boxers. :smiley:


Breifs for jogging ect, otherwise I let the little guy hang free. Wearing either type has become strange to be, beside moi digs the commando style.

I have to agree with the other women in the thread that say boxer-briefs. There is nothing sexier than the man you love in a pair of those. Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmm :: licks lips ::

Good. They’re the only type of undies I wear. (But you wouldn’t have know, would you? ;))

I’m a boxer-briefs wearer. They’re very comfortable, and great for lounging around the house/coffee shop/library in. The only time I wear briefs is when I’m wearing my running shorts or I’m out of boxer-briefs. I’m combating the latter problem by replacing old, worn, tattered briefs with boxer-briefs. I don’t like boxers; they require too much adjusting on my part.