Boxing is boring these days

I just saw a Muhammed Ali, Oscar Bonaventure fight on ESPN from the 70’s. Ali did his dancing, his rope a dope, Bonaventure had wild hooks that occasionally connected. Ali dazed and then knocked out Bonaventure after a dozen plus rounds. Howard Cosell and the post-fight interview with Ali was entertaining, with their unique speech inflections.

Mike Tyson in his heyday generated a type of buzz that is largely absent these days. When I watch a fight on TV, it’s two guys mostly hugging each other. Where has the grace, artistry, and buzz gone to?

The last time I got even remotely excited about boxing was this Flash game… and I was fighting breakfast foods :slight_smile:

Reminds me a lot of “Mike Tyson’s Punch out”, except these guys don’t try to bite your ear off.

“This should be good. Both men work for Don King”
Two fighters dance, then hit each other at the same time and fall over

That damn bagel’s got my number.

The last good fight I saw was Tanya Hariting fighting some other bitch.
They left the ring with both ears each.

If you mean Tonya Harding, her opponent was Paula (“I feel your pain, so how about a blowjob”) Jones.