Boxing question - Dorin vs Spadafora

I cannot believe that I cannot find this info on the web - but…

The judges called this Saturday’s bout a draw: 113-115 Dorin, 115-114 Spadafora, and the third judge 114-114.

My question: What’s up with 115-114? (912) + (1012) = 228, but 115+114 = 229. Therefore, one of the judges called one of the rounds 10-10? Was there not a must 9 rule for this bout?

Where’d you get that information? That’s not what ESPN reported:

This board is the absolute worst place to get any useful boxing info. There are boxing message boards around that have actual fans that can provide better results. Trust me.

Earl, I think I agree with you on the boxing info bit. But, BTW, check this out:

Also ESPN, but they report the scoring differently than in your link — who knows what’s going on.

BUT!!! Do you know if a judge is allowed to score a round 10-10? In a 10 pt must system?

“But judge Pat Russell of California scored it 115-113 Dorin, judge Gueremo Perez of Panama had it 115-114 Spadafora, and judge Gary Merritt of Indiana had a 114-114 draw, the first time either fighter hasn’t come out a winner in his pro career.”

Also, I watched the fight this morning, and they announced it as 114-115. Multiple articles reported it as such. Time to ask Max Kellerman :slight_smile:

Well, I think it’ll be on again this evening. I’ll tape it and see if they offer any insight in the scoring rules.

And so far as 10-10 rounds–yep, it’s allowable. Not really that common, but it’s allowable. (Or even rarer, 9-9 rounds.)

Yep, seems to be allowed and rare:

“Most fans of combative sports are familiar with the “10 point must” system used in boxing, and borrowed in the early years by kickboxing. It’s a scoring system by which each judge must award the winner of a round 10 points, and the loser 9 points or less (with 10-10 allowable for even rounds)…”