Boxing: Taylor vs. Wright

It’s been a long time since I’ve intentionally watched boxing, but this fight made me glad I did. Classic match up between the veteran challenger Winky Wright, a counterpuncher, and the more youthful champion, Taylor, a power puncher. The fight was ruled a draw, both men getting 115-113 from one judge and 114-114 from the third. When the fight was in the center of the ring, Taylor ruled with sharp right hands and uppercuts. On the other hand, Wright’s left hand dominated when the fight moved to the corners and toward the ropes. The interesting thing about this bout is the adjustments made in the later rounds by both fighters: Taylor seemingly learned to jab and block instanly in the seventh, while Wright remembered footwork and technique that you didn’t see from him in the first half of the fight.

What a fight. I can’t wait for the rematch!

Winky just said he felt jobbed and not going for rematch. I had taylor close., but a draw is fair too.

Draw was totally fair, especially with the extensive amounts of unintentional headbutting on both sides–closed Taylor’s eye but good.

I just went to the HBO site to vote in their poll(s) but didn’t see the poll for all the smack talk. From the looks of the smack, the poll will favor Winky, although I’d much rather see the rematch than let polls decide it.

Winky’s point about Memphis being home turf for Jermain is a reasonable statement and may have figured in the voting by the judges, but the HBO guys had it close as well.

I preferred Taylor’s approach and would vote in his favor but not by much.

The little background pieces they had before the fight made it hard to pick a favorite. I really like Manny Steward but Winky’s manager is cool as well. I give those promos a draw, too.

One of the better fights of recent times. Tarver was outboxed way more than either of these guys.

A draw was fair, but since Wright landed a larger percentage of punches, I would have gone with him if pressed. Taylor’s punches had more strength, but that’s not how the game is scored.

What the hell? I already replied? Dad really needs to get his subscription activated soon.

In any case, I caught the replay this afternoon. Very good fight, but it doesn’t sound like Mr. Wright wants to fight Mr. Taylor again. I liked Taylor’s interview. Very honest and very refreshing.

Good fight and it seems they reversed roles. Winky’s more technical and should have dominated the middle instead of the ropes and corners. The opposite, for Taylor.

That was the first fight I’ve watched in, well, ever. But man, was it entertaining! I must say that while the draw was likely fair, I much preferred Taylor’s style to Wright’s.