Boy Meets Boy - Week 2

Last week, cutie leading man James eliminated three of his fifteen potential “mates,” including one straight guy. This week he’ll be cutting more. Also from the previews it appears he and best galpal Andra will learn that some of the remaining mates are straight.

Of the remaining 12, how many do you think are straight? I say there are 4 remaining ringers, based solely on my understanding that there are a total of five episodes to the series and one ringer per episode seems like about the ratio the producers might go for.

So who of the remaining mates do we think is straight? The only ones polling as straight on the Bravo website are Sean (29-71) and Marc (41-59). Others polling on the bubble are Franklin (52-48), Michael (53-47) and Dan (55-45) I know there’s a split among the Dopers on Dan. About Robb there seems to be no question; he’s polling 93-7 gay, by far the most lopsided numbers. Sean is the only one I have any sense of being straight at all and that’s based pretty much entirely on his scruffy hair so it’s probably a set-up. After tonight I’m thinking I’ll have a better sense of the guys and may feel more confident making predictions.

Who’s going to be cut? I’m leaning toward Sean, Marc and Dan but I’m resting all of those choices except Dan on the sketchiest of feelings. I’d have cut Dan last week, approximately 30 seconds after he announced he was involved with someone else.

I’m bumping with anticipation…

OK, I’m bumping this just one more time since the show has now aired but if y’all don’t start shredding along with me I’m just going to give up.

I can’t believe Dan made it through to the next round. Of course we get the behind the scenes stuff as well but from what they show of him “on stage” he comes off as so dishonest. I don’t think he’s that good-looking either although maybe he’s James’ type or something so he wants to keep him around for eye candy. Since he’s the only one generating any drama I imagine the producers said a little prayer every morning that he’d be kept around. I’m even more convinced now he’s gay because he was wearing an Instinct magazine shirt. That’s the sort of detail that a smart straight imposter might pick up on but Dan doesn’t strike me as bright enough, if he’s straight, to think of it.

Two more straight mates out. Who else is straight?

I watched last night, and I’m just not fascinated by the show. It’s not that interesting a setup, really; all the potential for drama is in the selection, and the revelation about the mates’ sexuality. The rest of the hour is, well, people being nice. And that’s boring.

They chose fifteen nice guys, then set them the task of winning the hand of another nice guy. You don’t do that by being catty, or conniving, or any other dramatic means; you do it by being, well, nice.

Whatever drama there is in the show is coming from the structure of the show itself. All of the characters, even Rob, are sympathetic, so when the selection process comes it all just seems forced and petty and mean. The show itself has become the villain of the show, so much so that just watching seems kind of nasty.

The question of who’s straight and who’s gay seems increasingly irrelevant, as well. When someone is revealed as straight in the ending, it’s never a real shock. It wouldn’t surprise me if any of the guys shown turned out straight, or gay for that matter. For it to be a shock, I feel I’d have to believe in the stereotypes about gay people, and be surprised that someone could go counter to the preconceived notions about their orientation. And I’ve just met too many people, straight and gay, for anything to surprise me anymore.

Plus, they got rid of the really cute guy this episode.

In summation… yawn.

Well, I’m tired of Dan. Was he lying when he talked about being ‘really tight with a friend’ and having an open relationship (in show 1) or when he said he hadn’t seen him for 3 months (in show 2). I remain amazed that he is still around after some of James’ comments about him.

I don’t think the show is great, but it is refreshing to see something which relates (however, poor) to my life than seeing all of the het dating shows.

I think I have picked up on some gay behaviors which the straight audience won’t; for instance when they were dancing (top in the back, bottom in the front), but maybe not.

It could use some improvement. Get rid of the Andra character, for instance, in future shows (if any). Not every gay guy has a female ‘best friend’ in the sense they assume in the show. More stereotyping, I guess.


Oh come on. Every gay guy does so have a female best friend. I don’t know about you but mine was issued to me along with my rainbow flag.

I agree that the show just doesn’t have that much drama going. I think that may be because it’s so abbreviated. The other dating shows (Bachelor, Millionaire, etc.) all have more eps (although Millionaire had some serious filler issues) so BmB is sort of like speed dating. They’re eliminating so much of the field so fast that there isn’t time really to get to know the mates. I still don’t have a sense of who they are at all, much less knowing their names.

Since there is so very little drama, we are left with eye candy, and there is some nice eye candy on the show. There are only three more eps and since it’s on with Queer Eye I plan on sticking it out.

I’ll probably also start threads about the last three eps which everyone will ignore and I will be sad.

James, boogie, sweetheart, baby… you can wrap it in pretty paper and terms about “nice eyes”, but face it: you want Dan around because you wanna make a field trip into his tightie-whities. That’s it. Nothing more- don’t look for it, not there.

Now, the ethics of a one-night shag-fest are for personal interpretation; if that’s your bag and you use protection, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. But don’t kid yourself: you say you’re looking for a relationship and that your last four relationships ended with infidelity (about which, who the hell would cheat if James was their partner?). You know that Dan is a liar and a two-timer and he even told you up front that if you looked like Wilford Brimley he’d still fake interest to win. I think the choice is clear: put him on the first boat off the island. Get his name and e-mail address and you can always make the beast with either 1 or 2 backs later, but if what you want really is a relationship, screw him (I mean in the more metaphorical way). Otherwise, I think the reason your boyfriends have been cheaters might have something to do with the selection process.