Boy Scout Leader Attacked by Rabid Beaver

I didn’t even know beavers could catch rabies. This guy was bitten multiple times while swimming in a pond. The comment section is a hoot but I know you guys can do better. :slight_smile:

Gah. Stupid edit window. There’s another article that’s even funnier. Yeah, I know, laughing at others pain, blah blah. I laughed when my sister got bitten by a prairie dog and so did she. I guess we’re just not right.

Second article:

All I can think when reading that is ‘of course it’s a beaver. They hate gays’.

Sorry. It’s late and I’m tired. Gonna go to bed and likely dream about beaver.

From what I read on this, the beaver came up between the leader’s legs then latched onto his chest/abdomen rabidly (tested positive for rabies afterwards). Apparently most (or all) of the Scouts proceeded to beat the beaver to death with rocks. One of the boys’ statements (from a different source than above) was something like “We even used a 29-lb rock on him, anything we could find”.

Talk about a Nature experience! Those boys/young men certainly took charge of the situation without pause, it appears. I would not want teeth such as a beaver’s coming at me with death in its eyes!

I’m just amazed that the Scout knew the rock weighed exactly 29 lbs.

Is there a badge for that?

I hope that they at least slap down a layer of NEOSPORIN® before sewing it on…

Boy Scouts can defeat a beaver, but only if they’re prepared.

Sounds more like they de-brained it to me.

"Mom, Dad, I pounded a beaver at camp today! All of us guys took turns, and it was all gooshy!’

Hard to keep a straight face on this one:

The beaver was stunned for a second or two, Hedges said, but “then it started attacking the noodle.”

Yeah, but if you don’t, they’ll kick you out.

You laugh, but a gay Boy Scout leader might have hesitated to throw himself on a rampaging beaver to protect the boys.

That geology merit badge is harder to get than you’d think.