Brag about something so I don't feel bad about bragging about this one thing!

Bumping this thread for the OP since Cake will be here in September. :slight_smile:

You should never call your wife a “pro”, especially if she hangs around gas stations.

My daughter in law posted a video of my 4-year old granddaughter singing a song. Not just any song, but “What A Wonderful World”, a song full of minors, sevenths and flats, and she fucking nailed it! Now, a musical ear runs in my family, but I’m pretty sure none of us were able to sing a complicated song like that at age four.

My daughter made the Dean’s list and will be in the Honors Program next semester. I home-schooled her, so it’s really my accomplishment.

Back about this time in 2013, I spent a couple thousand bucks to fly to Austin, TX to see one of my favorite bands, Bolt Thrower. It was the first time in like 22 years that they had been to the States and there was no way I was gonna miss them. Turned out that every show sold out months in advance, but since the show in Austin was for the (sadly final) Chaos In Tejas metal festival, I was able to snag a ticket.

I met some folks at the show between bands (right before Bolt Thrower, too) and they asked me what I did for a living; when I told them I was from Vegas, they asked if I came to Austin just for the festival? I told them I came just for Bolt Thrower and instantly turned into The Coolest Guy In The Room. It seemed like people 50 feet away heard me, I swear.

Bolt Thrower came out and played one of the best shows I’ve seen in the last 25 years. This was a shitty, shitty venue: an old hangar-style warehouse with no AC and just a couple of huge industrial fans trying to cool a few thousand people packed into a few thousand square feet… in Austin… in early June. But the band looked like they were having a great time, their chops were fantastic and they played and played and played. Absolutely one of the best times I’ve ever had going to a concert, bar none; I’d do something similar without a moments hesitation.

BTW, I’m glad you got a ticket to see Modest Mouse, Lowdown. Grats!

I had never heard of Bolt Thrower until last year when they were coming to Canada. They were the second last band on my partner’s list of bands he hadn’t seen live. So we went when they came to Canada last year. Great show.

My brag is that I gave my notice at my job yesterday. I had what I thought was an interview in the morning. It turns out that they were waiting to see if I wanted the job before they opened up the process. I wanted the job and got to go in and quit my current one. No more sleepless nights. No more gagging from stress. No more emotional exhaustion from the frustration. I feel bad for my current employer, I don’t know what they are going to do. But I feel great about my future and they will figure it out.

I work in the hospital so I see a huge amount of feet. Having pretty feet is absolutely something to brag about. Oh my god some of the feet I’ve seen. :eek:

That’s fantastic!

When my daughter got her BS in nursing she graduated with honors. She wanted to share the honor with me, but I reminded her that I suggested she stop obsessing over having a 4.0 in highschool, and instead have some fun. I was to blame for the two Bs she got.