Braggart, maybe wannabe!

My roommate brought home her new boyfriend for us to meet. I haven’t been too impressed regarding her choices in men in the past, but this bozo takes the cake. He sat up all last night till 3 a.m. (!!!) bragging on himself and his “past” as a Special Forces op. which I’ve got a sneaking suspicion is fake.

This guy is a loud-mouth moron who’s favorite pastime is to brag on himself. According to him, he was Special Forces Recon in Grenada (when he was 17?) until he was given an honorable discharge. However, he cannot correctly identify the insignia (bars, medals, etc.) of the US Armed Forces. But he’s got a 188 IQ. Oh, and he completed his training in half the required time. And he’s one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. He even took out a little card he claims was given to him by a military psychiatrist – it says something like “I’m a certified deadly weapon, blah blah blah… so stay the hell out of my face, blah blah blah.” I’m not an expert, but I highly doubt the military would issue something like this with such unprofessional language. I kept trying to ask him specific questions about his military service – where were you trained? What theater did you serve in? But he answered vaguely, and kept derailing the conversation back to how badass he is. Did you know he once whipped 6 men in a bar brawl? And that he carried his friend 3/4ths of a mile to the hospital? Even though he (not his friend) had a smashed knee and he had to drag his right leg the whole way?

To hear this braggart talk, he’s smarter than Einstein, tougher than a hickory stump, and so close to Jesus they have joint-checking. Maybe I’m completely wrong, maybe he was Special Forces Recon during Grenada, but he sure doesn’t act like it. I’ve known several genuine veterans, including a general, a colonel, and my Daddy (RIP) who was a Purple Heart Recepient, and not one of them acted or talked like this moron. You could’ve known my Daddy for 10 years and never known he had a Purple Heart, he didn’t boast about it or himself. But there was nothing he hated more than a phony.

I’m planning on having this braggart checked out. If he’s legit, there should be records on his service. I want to know what the real story is here.

Bah. :mad:

Back in my day we always had to drag our friends around for miles on end…through 18’ of snow with both knees smashed…walking uphill the entire way. And we were glad to do it too!

It’s not legit. Every bit of it stinks. Was he SF (Army), or was he Recon (Marines)? Can he identify something as simple as a marksmanship ribbon (which he should have as an elite troop)? How about rank insignia? What rank did he come out as (virtually none of the ranks at the same paygrade are the same among any of the services)?

If he tells you he has the Medal have him produce it. If he does have him arrested. If he doesn’t put his name on the one of the faker’s lists out on the Internet. Guys like this are the type that would claim some impossibly high award that can be proven false.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Well you have to be 17 to join the Marines (with parents signature). He sure as shit did not go through basic and become part of SF in under a year. The military doesn’t issue ‘official badass’ cards. All in all he sounds like a lying sack of shit with a violent streak. Sounds like excellent boyfriend material for your roommate.

You know how to smell a fake, I know you do.

I’ve been out of the military a long time and I can still recognize rank, insignia, and medals. Those are things one never forgets. I’ve never heard of a military shrink issuing such a thing as a “Badass Card.”

He’s your roomie’s bf, so maybe just warn her and ask her to keep him away?


Oh, and I forgot to mention: he was supposedly given an honorable discharge after being in a car accident in which his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit. Seems to me in a situation like that you’d be given a dishonorable discharge before they kicked your butt right out the door.

The Medal= Medal of Honor. He could not possibly have earned the Medal of Honor and it is a Federal crime to claim that you earned one or wear one if you didn’t earn it.

People do it all the time, not realizing that the youngest surviving Medal winner is well into his 50s. In fact, I read recently that there is a guy whose only job is to hunt down Medal fakers.

I don’t see anything in her OP about him claiming to be a recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Wow, only one person in 432,751,977 has an IQ as high as 188 according to my Z-score calculator: (188 - 100)/15 = Z-Score of 5.87 Standard Deviations above the mean. That means that he is one of the 15 smartest people in the world and could be the smartest person in the entire U.S. You roommate better marry him in a hurry just for breeding stock material alone.

And, by the way, I googled Medal of Honor recipients and found this site saying there were two people awarded with it due to actions in Somalia and would mean the soldiers awarded the Medals would have been in their early forties then to be well into their fifties by now.

GAH! Nevermind. I just clicked on another link and those two men died in action.

Research fully before you post.

I know that. I said to ask him if he won it to see how far his bragging goes. Some of these cats claim that they did knowing that most people won’t know they’re lying.

Godddamn do you people overreact. Did it not occur to you that I might have looked, too?

I wasn’t overreacting… that paragraph just seemed like a bit of a non-sequitir and was a little misleading but I didn’t mean anything by it or even my second. I was just curious about the Medal after you posted about it and, while reading about it, noticed some were awarded in Somalia.

I should have read more closely though. My mistake.

I have been looking for an excuse to tell this story.
Years ago I was doing interviews for a position at the Long John Silvers where I worked and I had this guy “Don” come in. Now something about this guy rubbed me the wrong way as soon as I saw him but I did the interview anyway. When I asked him about his last job he told me “I was making corpses for the Air Force in Grenada”.
I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at this guy, his “corpses” line was delivered so smoothly that I felt (and still feel) that he had practiced a lot.

Unclviny (ex Green Beret, Fighter Pilot and Astronaut plus I have a PHD. and I own this bar)

Seems like this guy is…

dingdingdingdingFULL OF SHIT!

Hmmmm. During my freshman year of college a girl down the hall started dating a guy almost exactly like that. Smartest guy east of the Mississippi, supposedly well-known surfer in California, etc. Eventually he ended up stealing all kinds of money from her (and two other girls he was dating at the same time without her knowledge).

Ultimately it’s her choice who she dates, but people who lie up, down, left, and right about themselves need to be watched. I’d tell her to be extremely cautious.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. I called a man I know who’s a military policeman at a base in Alabama; he was at work, but his wife talked to me and took down this joker’s info to check it with her husband. You should’ve heard her laughing when I told her his “life story”! She’s certain he’s a fraud, but her husband’s going to double-check to be sure.

Btw, this moron never claimed a Medal. I almost wish he had, so I could bust him that much harder. Grrr.

One of the things I noticed about him was anything you did, he’d done, and better. Your friend is a military policeman? Well, he was Special Forces in Grenada and is one of the most deadly men on the planet. You’re pretty smart? Well, he tested 188 IQ at age thirteen, and is probably higher now.

I told him about working with Habitat for Humanity – get this, not only did he volunteer for HfH, but they begged him to be a crew leader! And even though he turned them down, they still asked his opinion on everything. Then I mentioned working for Red Cross during Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne – oh, he sat through Hurricane George, just him and his trusty pit bull, after sending his family away for their protection. But he stayed because well, gosh darn it, he’s just that tough. Puh-leeeze.

I ‘got’ what you were saying.

These guys start off slow, then work their way up until they get busted out. This guy is claiming he has an IQ of 188, was in Special Forces (Recon???) and carries around a deadly weapon ‘bad-ass’ card? I’m surprised he didn’t claim he did win the Medal of Honor. He probably will be soon.

Bust him out Mississippienne. Do it before he gets asked to speak in front of a students about the ‘horrors’ he experienced in combat.

A link about the growing problem of military phonies