Braille Slot Machines

Bally introduces Ray Charles themed slot machines for the blind with “America the Beautiful” and “What I’d Pay.” “This breakthrough . . . takes interactive game play to an entirely new level, allowing players to truly experience the sights and sounds of Mr. Charles’ long and illustrious career.” Both feature “a unique Braille button deck and special audio-assist capabilities for the visually impaired.”

Thanks to Mark Evanier’s site for bringing this to my attention. His comments begin "I’ve recently been worrying that blind people weren’t losing enough money gambling.  “When,” I’ve wondered, “will the gaming industry realize that they’ve been neglecting a potential gold mine among the sightless?”

The interesting thing about the Ray Charles slot machine is that they chose to play his version of “America The Beautiful.”

Seems to me that his “I’m Busted” and “Hit The Road, Jack” would be much better suited to a slot machine.

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