Brain-Addled Dopers: How did you overcome your ADD? (Non-drug)

Inspired by a fibromyalgia thread, I’m thinking of another little problem that is frequently spoken of these days. ADD.

I’m not big on attention spans myself

So anyways, besides doping up or poppin’ pills, how did ya’ll overcome, or better deal with, ADD? Any secret methods for paying attention when someone else is speaking?

Sorry, what was that again?

It can be overcome? Not that I’ve notice so far. With effort I can hold it together long enough to get through the workday, but I’m a scattered mess the rest of the time.

I had good success with meds, but stopped taking them about ten years ago because of unwanted side effects. I have a number of methods of coping with my ADD during the workday, but paying attention while someone is speaking is a toughie. I somehow manage to pick stuff up by osmosis. I wish I could give you some pointers, but I’m not so sure myself how I do it, I just hope I can continue doing it. I’m interested to see what others may offer.

Caffeine. I drink soda because I hate coffee. Also, routines. I find that if I’m more OCD with my workspace, I can be more efficient on the job. Finally, use lists. A good GTD app can help, I guess, but I like punchlists.