Brain and Brain! What is Brain?

Literally a brainless French civil servant.

I remember someone else posting a link to a similar case some years back, so it seems that it may not be a unique condition.

I remember that one too - but I understand there was some question as to whether it really was just a big fluid filled cavity, or whether it was abnormal tissue that just looked like fluid when imaged in a particular way. I would imagine more modern imaging methods would not be prone to the same uncertainty.

This isn’t unique. There are hundreds of staff at my office that researchers would love to get thier hands on.

I almost posted about this, myself. I found it very interesting – all jokes aside. I have always said that the human body is amazing in how it will continue to work and find new ways of working when the “normal” ways are missing or inhibited.

From reading the article, it seems that it is what it appears to be – fluid filled sacs. The guy had been treated for water on the brain as a child, and then had the drain tubes removed. It would appear that his issue continued, but his body (and brain) adapted.

I think the scariest part is that the French allow people with an IQ of 75 (or was it 77?) to work as tax/accounting clerks. EEK!

Fairfax? Which one of the government’s “alphabet agencies” do you work for? :wink:

You are smart. You will make things go.

We are bureaucrats. We file things.

Ooooh! Pictures of the inside of his skull!

So does this vindicate, or refute lekatt’s notion that the brain is not responsible for consciousness?

Your link doesn’t seem to work.

Hmmm. Worked for me.

Not only that, with 50 points you meet the minimum qualifications to work in tech support. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not unique. People with this condition are said to be “hydrocephalic” (literally, “water brain”). While some suffer extreme mental retardation, the amazing thing is that some suffer no ill effects whatsoever, and aren’t even aware they have the condition until they get an X-ray or a CT scan for some unrelated injury or disease or what have you, and the technician goes OMFG HE DOESN’T HAVE A BRAIN!!! (well, hopefully they say it a little more professionally than that, but you get my point). Sometimes the condition isn’t even detected until the person’s death, and is only discovered when they open up the skull during the autopsy and attempt to remove the brain, at which point they discover there isn’t one in there to remove.

What often happens is that the person does have a brain, only instead of being folded into the nice cauliflower shape that we are used to, most of the brain matter forms into a thin sheet on the inside of the skull. Most of the area where we expect to see the brain is filled with water. People with this condition tend to have an IQ that tops out at around 130 or so, which is pretty damn impressive for someone who basically has no brain.

Found some links:

Damn you, Tuckerfan, for posting this before I!

Looks like conclusive evidence of the existence of a soul. Back to square one of figuring out how everything works.

I work for a state university. We’re all sucking the government tit, and 3/4 of us shoul dbe starving instead.


Doctor!! Doctor!! DOCTOR!!

Given that they still have some brain, nope. It’s just evidence that the normal brain isn’t very space efficient. Given that such people are usually extremely mentally retarded, there are probably good reasons for this.

That’s what I wondered, but if the brain is just a radio transciever for the soul, then this guy is equally lacking in that department.