Brain blanks

So I’m reading this fascinating Wiki article about the snail telegraph, and I think to myself: “Wow, that would be a great subject for a question on that splendid British quiz show, QI! Maybe I should post a comment about this on the forums on their website, or something.” Just to ensure that it hadn’t actually been used on the show already, I do a quick Google search on QI transcripts and snail telepathy.

Well, it turns out that it had already been used as a subject for a question on the show. In fact, it was on the same episode which I had sitting as a YouTube video in the next browser tab over.

Which I had just been watching (or at least partly watching, partly listening to in the background while I was doing something else in a different tab). Which was presumably the reason why I looked up snail telegraphs on Wiki in the first place, although the memory of doing so appears to have gone missing, as I just kind of found myself sitting there, reading the article.


I need a new brain.

Don’t feel bad. Even Stephen Fry has his moments. Just ask him what they say of the Parthenon where the Acropolis is if you don’t believe me.

that’s nothing. i looked over at the divemaster the other day ago – and blanked on his name. :smack::smack::smack:

he was **not **amused. :smiley: