brain mri/freak out

I went for a brain mri today. I’ve had mri scans of my neck in the past. No problem. But they did this one sitting up. Or should I say tried to do it. When they put the Hannibal Lector mask on I freaked. I wore one in my pet scan and again no problem. I asked several times to have the scan done lying down. They kept telling me patients like it this way better. Well this patient doesn’t! It was an open mri. I wasn’t claustrophobic in my past scans (I have a history of cancer) I almost fell asleep in one
I really think it was sitting upright. Is this the only way they do them now?:eek: Shouldn’t they have tried to accommodate me?

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They probably thought they were doing you a favor with the upright MRI. Most scanners today are still the horizontal torpedo tube type, and the upright or open designs remain fairly uncommon.

I’m walking proof that upright MRI is definitely a good option for checking spinal problems such as vertebrae that move, but I’m not sure they’re beneficial for brain scans unless your doc thinks there’s a postural change happening inside your head.

If you weren’t able to complete the scan, call your doc and ask if it can be done in a traditional horizontal scanner. If they really want the upright scan, tell them you’ll need some sedation.