Brain Slug! Brain Slug!

They say it’ll help people with Parkinsons.

It’s mind control, I’m telling you!

A slug in the brain is better than…well…a slug in the brain.

<monotone> I favor unreasonably large subsidies to the brain slug research.</monotone>

We’re implanting something that gets a full-body hard-on inside the brain. Fascinating.

‘On to new business. Today’s mission is to go to the brain slug planet.’

‘What are we going to do there?’

‘Nothing. Just walk around not wearing a helmet.’

And aren’t sea slugs the same creatures that contained ADAM, and let to the invention of plasmids and tonics in Bioshock?
Sheesh, two sci-fi connections in ONE science article.

Helping Parkinson’s is nice, but when can I shoot bees out of my hand?

It’s not a slug! Sea cucumbers are echinoderms. Slugs are molluscs. They’re an entirely different phylum of turdlike animal.

I honestly have to question whether the concept of shapeshifting brain implants is really all that wise to begin with. It’s all well and good for the patient, until some unforseen stimulus prompts the fibers to suddenly tense up again. That could be messy.

I also observe that, as in so many other such proposals, the prefix “nano-” is waved about hypnotically in much the same way as the descriptor “atomic” was once upon a time.

This right here is a good example of why I pay the money to hang out here. “An entirely different phylum of turdlike animal.”
It is this type of brilliant writing that keeps me here.

Well, thank you for the kind remark. I must warn you though: such a compliment only helps to fuel my occasional dark suspicion that I might be able to earn money directly via writing.

It’s probably best if I’m not encouraged too much in that regard.