Brainless Bean-Counting Bureaucratic Bozos

So much for working undercover as an air marshal.

Did those responsible give any thought whatsoever to the implications of this policy before decreeing it?

The fucktards who came up with this bit of idiocy are drooling turd-brains.


Why do I post in the wee hours when my brain is shutting down? The spelling is, of course, “bureaucratic”.

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No, they’re just typical upper-level government managers. I have to deal with this sort of crap all the time. Policies like taking GS-9 technical staff off their regular duties to answer phone calls from the public instead of hiring more GS-5 teleservice reps, then having to pay the technical staff overtime to do the work that wasn’t done because they were answering the phones. And the delays in processing the casework results in more phone calls from people asking why there hasn’t been a response to their first call.

Even when they do bother to ask for input from the people who actually do the work they disregard anything that doesn’t fit in with their priorities or pet projects.

Fixed the title for you.

Thank you, thank you, wise and generous one! Are you, like unto Cecil’s Angel of Death, given to looking kindly upon bearers of fine chocolates? I shall order forth the caravan forthwith! Or perhaps a keg or three of my humble village’s finest microbrewed ale would be more to your august taste? Roll out they shall!

Is there a difference?

It would seem to me that the agents would be complaining more about the new code that requires they wear neon signs. Maybe they haven’t seen the memo yet.

Usually by the time they’ve reached executive grade status they’ve stopped drooling. Or at least managed to get it under control enough to not do it during press conferences,

As a “gubmint worker”, I have to say this sounds typical of bureaucratic staffrats, who make rules and policies for someone else to follow (but who have never been “in the field” themselves).