Brake job on a 2003 XTerra

I just took my 2003 XTerra into my local trusted mechanic and was quoted a pretty high amount for a brake job. He mentioned that they have to take the hub assembly completely apart and that was what was causing it to cost so much.

I don’t have the shop manual for this vehicle, but does this sound right?

It might be. On my 2001 Accent, the brake rotor comes right off very easily once the front wheel is off, in fact I think the only thing holding it in position is the caliper. So for that car removing the hubs wouldn’t be part of a brake job.

On the other hand, I also have a 4x4 Ford Ranger and the brake rotors also house the wheel bearings (in other words, it is part of the hub) so in order to remove the brake rotor the hubs have to be removed. This requires cleaning and repacking the bearing grease and installing new grease seals. Not very difficult work, and maybe $20 in parts/supplies but certainly more labor is involved.

No idea if the XTerra hub is similar, but if it is a 4X4 maybe it is.

Yes ghostman, it should cost more. The hub sits atop the rotor on the XTerra. Not a great design, as to change the rotors, one must first remove the hub. This process can take up to three hours in total (for both sides), while a normal brake job might be between an hour and an hour and a half. While you’re at it, I would suggest putting ceramic pads on the vehicle; they cost more, but are a vastly superior brake pad than a metallic or semi-metallic pad.

Okay… I’ve been going to this mechanic and his rates have been <very> reasonable. I just wanted to have a sanity check to make sure I’m still getting a good deal.

I will mention the ceramic pads as well…