Brats, fuck you.

Background: I’m 54 and I work in a trendy business that’s dominated by 20-somethings.

Do you realize how boring you are? Your silly-trendy clothes, your goofy stories that always begin “I remember, a few years ago when I was starting out, WE didn’t [insert silly thing here].”

Fucking 20-somethings. At least I can beat you at ONE THING. I’m going to DIE FIRST. So there.


I should have called this thread “A Boomer’s Lament”, shouldn’t I. Heh.

Repeat after me

And if that doesn’t work, beat them with your cane.

Rick, I have a sweatshirt that says almost the same thing. “Age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill”

Why do you even listen to their goofy stories ? The best way to handle brats is to slap em in a bun, slather on some sauerkraut, onions, maybe a little mustard, and EAT THEM !

Outperform them.

That’s always the best way to get their attention.

Whiny old geezers… move on Granddad!

Shoot. And here I thought this was going to be a rant about meat products.

I’m turning 30 in less than two weeks. Does that mean I’m officially crossing the boundary from young fella to official geezerdom?

All I ever say to those kinds of people is “when I was YOUR age we…” THAT shuts them up every time.

Atreyu, nope, but its a slippery slope and the first patch of ice is thirty :p. Anyway, hell, I hate twenty-somethings and I am one. The majority of those people I went to high school with, when I contact them even now, are still rehashing the same old same old, (clothes, cars, their new boy/girlfriend, and their personal dramas,) which makes me want to say grow the fuck up. Just because you’re still living at home with your parents and attending a school, doesn’t mean you’re a kid anymore.

Well, maybe you won’t die first. They’re young and stupid. Those types have the amazing tendency to off themselves in bizarre and spectacular ways.

I have a solution:

Napalm. Lots and Lots of Napalm.

I found out yesterday one of my co-workers was born four years before I graduated high school.

I’m not the young’un anymore, but neither am I teetering on the edge of senility.

Amusingly enough, this also works on people who are older than you. I’ve said it to people two or three times my age. :smiley:

Correction: twenty-nothings