Brave reporter in Libya - friend's girlfriend

My friend’s girlfriend works for the CBC and she was sent to Libya. Don’t think I would have the guts to go there now.

One of my facebook friends has been there for a week or two after spending the previous 3+ weeks in Cairo. Interesting times; she got a photo on the front page of the IHT out of it, at least.

I don’t think it’s a case of whether she has the guts or not, you go where you’re sent I’m led to understand. (Just like the army, except no weapons).

And, being a fan of CBC news from way back, I’m familiar with Carolyn Dunn. I never knew I had a quasi-link to her before! (Well, a much better link than I had before, which was just “a fan of CBC news (and their reporters)”

I think she could opt out of going to Libya but I think very few journalists do that. She covers Africa so that’s why she was picked for this trip.

It’s a very big story. This is the kind of thing that can establish a reporter’s career. I think Dan Rather first came to prominence while covering a hurricane in Texas, and Wolf Blitzer became famous while covering the Gulf War. Although if your friend already works for the CBC, she’s fairly well-established already.