Ever since their flagship “Queer Eye” has gained them attention, Bravo’s coming out with more cool, edgy shows. Namely “Significant Others” (six episodes?! What the crud!?) and “Keen Eddie”. Bravo always seems to be able to get away with more “language” too; I thought I saw a few uncensored R movies on there before they got famous, and they can show “the bird” (I saw one flipped on “Queer Eye”). Anyway, does anybody else see Bravo as becoming the next star network? Has anyone else noticed “Significant Others”?

“Keen Eddie” is yet another show killed by FOX. I haven’t heard that Bravo is doing anything other than showing the eps created by FOX.

There’ve been two other attempts to get something started on “Significant Others” but they don’t tend to go anywhere. I like it, therefore it’s doomed.

Oxygen is pretty bold, too. Girls Behaving Badly had a skit with a sales clerk in an ice-cream shop squirting milk into a shake. From her nipple. It was a fake boob attached to a foot pump, but it looked very realistic.