Brazilian/Portuguese dopers: help with translation.

The word is Oizinho.

Babelfish doesn’t have a translation. If I google it’s all over the place.

Someone used it in a message to me on a blog site. I believe the sender is Brazilian.

Here’s the whole message: I guess it has common abbreviations.

___ @ Passei____________________@_

@Mas vo dexa bjo msmo!!!@


Say what?

Literally, an Oizinho is a “small hello”. Here is a translation of your mail without the Brazilian l33t speak:

“Passei pra dar um oizinho. Mas vou deixar um beijo mesmo.”

“I dropped by to say hi. But, I will even leave a kiss.”

Thanks a lot for the translation. :slight_smile:

You’re quite welcome. Glad to have been of help.