Bread n Butter for U Bible Skeptics


In what way is this a debate?
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What’s a U Bible?

Czarcasm, n9e9o9 mighta thought it was too much of a witnessing post to put in, say, SIMS. Justathot for U:)

I myself have always been quite skeptical of the U Bible. Perhaps I should consider the D Bible, the K Bible or the much maligned Q Bible (Scary Q voice from STTNG)

While there is a need for an annotated Bible for skeptics, this one seems like it’s really stretching for things to complain about. For example, it says that Jesus is rude to his mother in John when he says (they give the English) “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” However, the Greek original doesn’t seem very rude to me. In fact, it seems like a normal thing to say in Greek. I’ve already sent off an e-mail to the administrator. Hopefully they will be receptive to meaningful corrections from the public.


Naah, a fundie will come by and point out that “Q” doesn’t even exist, so it can’t possibly have been in the Bible. Same for J, P, E, and D.

Poly, what about X, Y and Z?:wink:

Marvel is relaunching the Bible in the Ultimate universe, stripping out a lot of the confused continuity and basically just getting back to the basics.

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Wait… what are we discussing, anyways…?

I’m looking forward to this. I was a big fan of the Bible series during Matthew’s run on it: I thought he was doing really interesting things with the established setting and his own new characters. The storyline started getting a little weird, and very contradictory, though, once they killed off the main character (and bringing him back! Wtf was with that resurrection, surely the most hackneyed writer’s trick in the book?). I also didn’t like what they did with the character of Paul; I thought he worked much better as a villain.

I started reading it again when they got John in to do the big ‘Revelations: End Time Wars’ story-arc to finish off the series. It was fun, seeing all the old characters they brought back, but the definite power-creep the series had been going through all along reached its height here, and the ‘happy ending’ where all the good guys end up okay after all the doom and gloom build-up just felt tacked on to me.

I’m looking forward to what the Ultimates universe will do with the story-line.

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Well, I’m not sure how I feel about having an angsty, teenaged Jesus, or rethinking John the Baptists’ whole history with the Messiah X program. Part of me thinks they’re playing a little too much to popular culture.

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Is someone suggesting an Affair?

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Well, we do have the Q Gospel; why not a whole Q Bible? Although, somehow I thought God was a better dresser . . .

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Teen Jesus (to Joseph): I don’t have to listen to you! You’re not even my real dad!