Breaking Bad 4.08 "Hermanos" 9/4

Jesse is just more aware of the dangers of the drug trade than Walt is. Most middle aged suburban guys have never dealt with people who only respond to power, and therefore are not aware of the dangers of discussing things with drug dealers without any firepower on your side.

Gus made the same mistake with Don Eladio, and I doubt he made that mistake since.

If there is one lesson you can take away from BB on how to enter the drug trade: if the bad guys are not scared of you, they will probably screw you over or try to kill you.

My first reaction when Hank suggested to the DEA guys that Gus was cooking meth was that they were being paid off and fully aware. That’s why they kept trying to get Hank off the case and go to Mexico. They kept telling him to stop focusing on it. They kind of got an “oh shit” look on their face when he said he thinks it’s Gus.

I think Hank will start getting real pressure to leave the force based on his injury because he’s getting too close. The show will end with Walt admitting everything to Hank. Hank will then take the info to some other govt organization and they will give Walt immunity if he testifies against Gus. Gus gets locked up, Walt isn’t killed or in jail, and Hank solves his case.

What do you guys think?

There’s no way Walt doesn’t die at the end of the series.

Maybe he goes into witness protection and becomes an average nobody, living the rest of his life like a schnook.

Too Goodfellas.
Wait, never mind, you were making a reference to that. In any case, it isn’t likely.

Gilligan has talked too much about Walt getting comeuppance for what he’s done and with the guns, drugs, and cancer, death looms over him. If he doesn’t die I will feel ripped off.

I’ve been lurking for a while, but it was this awesome episode and the desire to converse with the teeming millions about it that finally prompted me to join up. I came in specifically to check what everyone thought of the final exchenge between Gus and Tio. Glad to see my assumption was shared…

I agree that the t-shirt was very distracting, but that said, Jesse has had some pretty bad t-shirts in the past. This one was particularly hideous. Re: the car. His old car was totally pimped out. It “bounced”.

I think the Gus back-story also helps explain why he killed his own man instead of Walt after Jesse killed Gale - something that had bugged me for a while. He respects the chemistry education and sees something of his partner in Walt.

I could live with that. It wouldn’t be punishment enough, but Walt would absolutely hate it. Sorta like what’s-his-name on The Shield.

That’s all possible, and we’ve discussed that, but it’s also possible that they acted that way because they knew Gus as an acquaintance, supporter of law enforcement, and an otherwise respectable local businessman with strong ties to the community. That’s not exactly the profile they normally go after, and not someone they would want to alienate. The writers are purposefully keeping us guessing on that wrinkle - no way to tell for sure.

Hasn’t he already basically left the force? At least leave of absence for the foreseeable future, so it’s not like forcing him to leave the force would change anything, if he hasn’t already. And remember, he didn’t even want to do any police work until they brought the case files to him and pressed him for help. Sending him a cache of evidence pointing to an industrial-scale meth-lab isn’t a very good idea if you’re a cop on the take to the owner of that operation.

I don’t think anyone is saying the cop is on the take, just Merket, and possibly Gomez.

Isn’t his leave of absence over? I got the impression he was returning to work.

It was only Hank’s friend in the APD who brought him the file of evidence. Not his former DEA colleagues.

We never actually saw Walt get the all clear after his scan, he just said it was all clear at the dinner.

Anyone think the cancer might be back?

They way they played each of those scenes certainly made it seem like a real possibility.

I must admit, I never thought of that. It is a possibility.

He did hesitate a little before replying, as I recall, which did make it look like a possible fib. I had that very thought at the time.

On the other hand, the series has about another 20 episodes to go. (It’s cheating to use this knowledge, I know.) I imagine when the cancer comes back, it will be for good. To me at least, it seems a little early just yet, fictionally speaking, for that to resurface.

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Some of us use magic powers we can’t discuss on this board to view shows earlier than might otherwise be the case.

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Not to mention the Pollos Hermanos slogan, which we just heard in this ep. for the first time when Gus answered the phone:

“Pollos Hermanos, where something delicious is always cooking!”

Always cooking indeed. :wink:

hardy har :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the cancer is definitely back. Walt looked too distressed in the next scene while getting dressed after leaving the clinic. I think we won’t find out till the end of the season but it’s back.

Whether that’s what kills him, Gus, the DEA, or an eternity stuck in mediocrity after talking to the police and being forced into hiding, I don’t know. But, he’s definitely gonna have it coming. He’s been too selfish, done too much wrong for him to get away clean AND happy. He’ll have to lose it all if he’s gonna stay alive.