Breaking Bad 4.08 "Hermanos" 9/4

Along those lines … there seemed to be a brief shot of plastic bags of money lying in the crawl space under the White’s house. Can anyone confirm that’s what that was?

I was under the impression those were the same ones she was trying to hang in the closet and just gave up and threw them in the crawlspace.

Here’s the music they were playing behind that scene. One of my favorites.

Os Grilos 45rpm - Walter Wanderley

I just watched this ep again, and something bothers me. At the end of the scene with Eladio and Gus and his now dead partner, Eladio tells him “the only reason you’re alive and he’s not is because I know who you are. . .but you’re not in Chile anymore.” Why would knowing who he is preclude his murder? Why kill the chemist, who could be of use to Eladio? I don’t understand this, unless there is some family relationship between Eladio and Gustavo that we don’t know about yet.

Perhaps Gus has connections to important/dangerous people from his time in Chile. Hence, Eladio, knowing that Gus had connections, did not kill him for fear of what might happen. But he also reminded Gus that, not being in Chile anymore, he wasn’t as powerful as he used to be.

In other words: “You’re lucky that killing you could hurt me but don’t push your luck.”

Do tell more - I was sure it was a nervous tic.

Really? Once again, I miss a significant point while watching a TV show.

We know Gus was rich in Chile because he rescued his partner from the slums and paid for his education. Gus obviously comes from a very wealthy and powerful family. If Eladio killed Gus, they would get revenge.

Easter Egg: Gus said he named the scholarship for Maximino Arciniega, who is the actor who played Krazy 8.

[Exposing my ignorance] Who is Krazy 8?

He is a character from Season 1. I believe he was Walt’s first murder.

The vato Walt strangled in Jesse’s basement with the the bike lock.

Anybody want to bet that we won’t get a reference to Keyser Soze somewhere between now and the end of BB?

Leading to one of the best Walt:Jesse exchanges.

Walt: We need a middle man distributor.
Jesse: I had one… you choked him to death with a bike lock.

I liked another exchange between Walter and Jesse. Walter said something about how they would need a lawyer, and Jesse said (paraphrased), “We don’t need a criminal lawyer, we need a criminal lawyer” meaning one willing to go beyond the law.

And he was right. Without Saul they’d probably have been dead and buried in the desert long ago.

And he totally had it coming to him, too!

Indeed. I could overlook being a murderous meth dealer, but anybody who would sell extended service warranties on furniture kits needs killin’.

Was Eladio the guy that was killed in the Mexican police raid on the house?

In the episode I think you’re thinking of, the guy on the phone with Gus was Bolsa.

In fact, Jesse is almost always shown to be right when he counsels caution - every time Walt ignores his advice, it ends badly.

Walt is probably smarter than Jesse - but if I had to choose one as a business partner, I’d pick Jesse every time. When he’s not using, he’s smart and has good sense.