Breaking Bad 4/18/10 - "Mas" - OPEN SPOILERS

Yes, but the revelation that Walt is Heisenberg would destroy Hank’s career. The DEA is going to think that Hank covered up his brother-in-law’s crimes. So perhaps Hank gets sucked into it somehow?

Hank is tired, worn out, working too much and has a marriage that’s starting to fall apart. I could see him being open to a little bribery.

As for Jesse, Gus and Saul have no use for him and he’s a bit of a loose cannon. If he starts making waves I think they’d get rid of him pretty quickly.

I think Lakai’s scenario is the most feasible if Hank finds out Walt is Heisenberg. Hank can go after the bigger fish and use Walt as the “long con” infiltrator angle. Hank can act like he knew all along and wanted Walt to go in deep into the cartel and find out who’s who from bottom up. That’s the only reasonable way to further the story with Hank and Walt imo. Unless Walt becomes desperate and rather than have Hank find out on his own, Walt comes clean and asks for protection from the twins in the season ender. (not a spoiler, just speculation)

BMada, I like that. It also gives Walt a chance for some kind of redemption, even if he ends up dead. Sorta like Travis Bickle.

Then again, maybe that’s too much like Taxi Driver, and Gilligan’s people might want to be more original. They sure have been (original) so far.

If a prosecutor was told that Walt could bring down the biggest Meth distributor in New Mexico then I’m sure Walt could possibly end up with a deal with no jail time in it. Gus is huge. Putting Walt in jail is not worth as much as bringing down Gus.

I suspect the show will end with Hank breaking. Whether he arrests Walt or ends up shooting him (which seems possible) - there’s no way Hank walks away from this mess with his soul intact.

A theme of this show seems to be that the drug trade breaks everything it touches - even the DEA agents wind up either deeply disturbed or just plain blown up. Hank is pretty close to an innocent on this show, and he’ll suffer deeply for it.

If the show were real they’d probably already have given the order, but since Aaron Paul is so important to the show I don’t see that happening. I do speculate that Jesse gets a first order ass whippin’ this season though.

Walt already got a pretty cheap lesson about sharing his formula. If there’s any way for him to hide I think he will… or they won’t have a story arc about that. I want Jesse and Walt to work together again. I’m curious to see how it will happen (if it does).

Meant to mention: I was disgusted that Jesse blew the $7,000 Walt gave him for the RV (or $5,600 of it anyway). I wonder if that was always the plot or if this is a retcon to complicate the Hank:Jesse cat:mouse game.

It’s a retcon in the sense of they just now made it up, but it’s not a retcon in the sense that they didn’t violate or even touch on anything the story had shown before. As far as the viewers knew there simply was no story behind how Jesse got the RV, and now there is one. (At least I think there wasn’t; maybe I forgot.)

It doesn’t seem out of character either.

Yeah, but then Walt would have to go into witness protection. Even if Gus wound up dead, even if the twins get taken out, someone somewhere, from Gus’s org or Mexico would be out for blood.

Hmmm… I smell an In Plain Sight crossover!:smack:

That was the most unrealistic part of the episode. There is no way that Jesse and his two loser buddies walk out of that strip club with more than a buck fiddy between them.