Breaking Bad 4/18/10 - "Mas" - OPEN SPOILERS

So, “mas” means “more” in English?

How does that relate to this episode? Walt, Jessie, Skyler, et al wanted more, got more, asked for more?

As usual, I had to go to Sepinwall’s blog for his interpretation. I had to take the puppy out to potty so I missed Marie’s talk with Skyler, which explained why Skyler was softening toward Walt. (But even if I’d heard it, it might not have sunk in.)

I also didn’t get why Skyler put the towel down on Beneke’s bathroom floor – I thought she was looking for more comfort, but instead that opulent heated floor was making her uncomfortable.

So what happens now? Will Jessie have a hard time selling an inferior product? What could he do about it? He can’t compete with Walt’s volume, so lowering his price won’t work.

Will Gus develop some kind of relationship with Walt that will make Gus want to protect him from the cousins, after the three months are up? Will the cousins wait?

“Mas.” More. Walt wants more. He is addicted (get it?) to the thrill.

Ted cooks the books. Walt manufactures meth. How ethical can Skyler proclaim herself to be if she’s deriving pleasure from Ted’s ill-gotten gains while lambasting Walt for doing pretty much the same thing? A couple things occurred to me:

  1. Is Skyler following in Walt’s footsteps by continuing to sleep with Ted? I mean, when is it no longer about getting Walt to sign the divorce papers?

  2. Her discussion with her divorce attorney was interesting. It was pointed out that she could be found complicit in Walt’s illegal scheming if she stuck around the house much longer. She’s already complicit in Ted’s illegal and unethical accounting practices. I think Skyler has begun to recognize her hypocrisy. Can she exercise the restraint that Walt so clearly lacks? Will she be able to pull herself back before she breaks bad, just like Walt did?

I don’t know. I don’t think Gus would allow Jesse to sell an identical product in his territory. Right now, Jesse is as close to a kindred spirit as Walt has and it’s my guess that Walt is going to try to bring him into the fold. They’ve been through too much to just sever their relationship completely.

Gus doesn’t strike me as the type of person to renege on a promise. Undoubtedly, he’d love to have Walt cook for him on a regular basis but that would mean a falling out with the cartel and he’s too shrewd of a businessman to burn his bridges like that. I can see Hank having a run-in with the Cousins before Walt’s three months are up, or before they’re able to kill Walt. He’s very close to figuring everything out.

Plus Jesse is a career screw-up and an addict who would sing like Liza Minnelli if he got caught which means keeping him on a leash or killing him are the only two options to avoid a major problem, and Walt’s not cold enough to kill him. (Gus strikes me as the type who could cut somebody’s throat and start the disposal process then pick up an ice cream cake for his daughter’s birthday party and lead the singing, and do both with equal sincerity.)

Speaking of Gus, watching his speech about providing for his family regardless of whether one’s respected or loved for it made me think “Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Emmy nominee clip” moment. Giancarlo Esposito and Bob Odenkirk are both “How did they make it this long without them?” additions. Nothing against the actors, but at this point it’s almost a “get on with it!” feeling when Skyler, Hank, Skyler’s sister or Walt Jr. are on screen.

I think Hank is awesome. His shower scene (not what it sounds like) in this episode was brilliantly played. He’s suffering from death anxiety and doesn’t want to tell anybody, but at least he acts like a stand up guy and wishes his partner well. Walt would never do something like that.

I think Skyler’s reaction to the heated floor, and placing the towel under her feat was because she suddenly felt guilty and realized that Ted isn’t all that different from Walt. She was actually disappointed when she saw the money was gone and the divorce papers signed.

I think she should stop talking to the lawyer. Like the lawyer said: she’s twice as expensive and not educated to be a therapist.

I cracked up at yet another broken windshield for Walt! I hope they get into business together again soon; but I think it will have to get worse before it gets better. I think Jesse is going to squeeze by on the stolen RV with Hank, and somehow end up with Walt again. Or maybe he’ll get by on a technicality thanks to his criminal lawyer Saul (if he’s still his lawyer).

And finally; Gus was adamant about keeping production up to a certain pace if Walt agrees to cook. I see some problems there. I also predict that season three will end with the three month/three million.

There are obvious paralells that we’re meant to notice, but I can’t buy the notion that it’s completely hypocritical. Cheating taxes is detrimental to society but it does not destroy lives in a figurative and literal way like meth does. It’s easy to recognize that there’s a clear difference of degree here, and she may be able to tolerate one but not the other and not be a hypocrite.

I don’t know that I’d say she was disappointed about the money, especially after that talk with her lawyer, but I do think she was a bit sad that Walt signed the papers and left. Not sad in the sense that she wanted to stay married to him, but sad at how it all turned out, marriage over and all that.

I wonder if (and how) Walt will arrange to help her financially.

I mostly agree, but for me the fundamental principles behind both the situations are identical, and there’s a familiar sanctimony in Ted’s claim that he’s cheating on his taxes only for the benefit of his employees and his family. And while cooking the books doesn’t even come close to being as detrimental to society as cooking meth, there’s still a very real possibility for Ted’s illegal maneuvering to blow back on him and everybody who works for him or has money tied up in his company’s stocks.

Agreed. He is the most interesting character to me at the moment.

What a great episode. I think Hank was the best but everybody did a great job with the acting. There was one moment in the show that had me puzzled but I can’t really think of at the moment.

The scenes from next week (on the show- I haven’t watched the ones online which according to the commercials are longer) imply the Mexican twins are back. I wonder if they’re working against a “no touch” order from Gus or on his orders.

I love the contrast between Hank’s blustering swaggering total he-man and the frail scared tired guy who’s having trouble living up to his own legend. So if you had anything to do with the writing, would you want Hank to find out Walt is Heisenberg or not? And in the event of a confrontation, if only one were to walk away- Walt or Hank?
On the walk away I’d have to side with Hank- Walt’s a meth manufacturer and whatever the extenuating circumstances he manufactures a product that kills (his meth has caused deaths- if not by overdose then turf war and psycho dealers) and is illegal for very good reason. The Hank v. Walt/Heisenberg confrontation is inevitable, but I doubt it will happen this season unless it’s in the finale (which if all goes well [which it won’t] will see Walt with enough money to get away).

I think the 200 lbs. per week will be a major issue as well. Love the symbolism of Walt and Gus descending into the underworld to the lab, and Walt’s near salivation in lust over the lab.


Plus, while I’ve no idea how much a heated bathroom floor would cost, you can be pretty sure that it’s not cheap or they’d be standard features in all new homes, so it’s a luxury expense that doesn’t involve helping his employees or stockholders.

If Hank does confront Walt I think the story will turn to Walt helping Hank bring down the Cartel and Gus. I don’t know whether Hank will come clean about letting Walt operate under his nose, but when he finds out he will use Walt to help him get the bigger fish.

Maybe the show will throw us a curve ball and have Hank catch Walt in the next episode. They could keep the story going by having Hank and Walt team up to bring down Gus. However, if Hank keeps Walt’s cooking a secret then I could see Walt trying to kill Hank somehow.

One thing is clear, there is no way that Walt cooking for Gus will lead to less problems for Walt.

I like Hank’s story the most because it’s never just the logistical or physical problems that prevent people from executing their jobs. The psychological problems are usually the strongest hurdle to overcome and mainly because no one wants to talk about them - you deal with them yourself.

As for the title, the first episode was titled “No Mas” when Walt turned down Gus’ offer. Now that he has accepted the offer the episode is called “Mas”.

They actually aren’t that pricey. Home Depot has a 30 square foot mat for $250. I don’t remember how big that bathroom was, but let’s just pretend it was 120 sqft (12x10) that would only be an extra grand plus labor added into the cost of a bathroom remodel. So yeah, it’s not free, but it’s not that it costs $6000 either.

Hmm. I didn’t realize they were that inexpensive. (Now I’m wondering why they’re not standard features.:p)

Until now Gus has been portrayed as a total professional who doesn’t like to use intimidation and violence to motivate and keeps a very low profile and is basically all around a “gentleman mobster”. I have a feeling they’re going to bring his “I don’t like using intimidation and violence… but I’m damned good at it” side out. There’s a reason after all that Mexican druglords will come to his office after a one word text and he doesn’t have bodyguards present and I’m guessing it’s not because he’s such a swell guy and gives them free fried chicken; he’s either an absolute unholy terror as needed or he’s got VERY powerful protection.

I have been saying this since the beginning, Gus is the biggest bad ass on the show and we are going to see why eventually, and the full extent of his bad assery.

Well we know Hank has Jesse in his sights with the picture at the end with Combo and Jesse in the titty bar. I wonder how fast Jesse will give Walt up with Hank on his ass. Will Jesse blackmail Walt for 50% to keep quiet? Walt going back to manufacturing isn’t a good thing. I thought he’d be dodging the twins rather than being so easily swayed in making meth. Walt is a dead man once he teaches Gus’ minions his formula and chemistry know-how. Wonder how much Gus will care after he’s done getting what he wants out of his literal underground meth lab.

To me, the show will end when Hank finally figures out that Walt is Heisenberg. No way does Hank let Walt skate for that.