Breaking Bad 5.02 "Madrigal" 7/22/2012

Season 5
Episode 1: Live Free or Die

Spoilers for this episode and any previous episodes are open.

Who is this broad talking to Mike in the diner?

No one knows any more about her than you do. Just be patient and wait for the show to tell us who she is.

I thought I might have missed something. It happens a lot.

Less commercials! More Breaking Bad!!

I’m guessing Mrs. Fring.


Breaking Bad Wiki says she’s a former associate of Gus’ and that she worked for Madrigal. It also said “she’s an upcoming character” so the author may or may not have had the full story yet. I rarely visit that site and have no idea who updates it.

Did anyone do the story sync thing? I flipped over to it a few times and really didn’t like it. It seemed to spoil everything. For example it said “Letting Lydia live” Like/Dislike…well, the scene wasn’t over, but I guess we know Mike’s not going to kill her.

What was Schuler, the Madrigal executive, doing in some sort of taste test with sauces at the beginning?

Also, I really liked the way Walt planted the ricin cigarette in Jesse’s house. It doesn’t get much more manipulative then that. Not only is Jesse now 1000% sure that Walt had nothing to do with Brock getting sick, he can’t even direct all that anger (at himself) towards Gus. All he can use it for is “Team White” spirit and help Walt in any way he can.

He was the head honcho in charge of the restaurants division.

The only thing I can think of with that is that the writers were trying to show that the people on Gus’ payroll are so loyal to him that even after Gus is dead, they would sooner kill themselves then talk.

I have to assume that for some reason he couldn’t just lie and/or they were just trying to make a point.

Also, the way he nicely took off his clothes and hung them up was a pretty obvious homage to Gus throwing up in Mexico after drinking the poisoned tequila.

So, all of that trouble with the electromagnet, and all it achieved was leading them to the Cayman bank accounts.

Yup, fitting in with the overall two steps forward, three steps back theme.

That final scene, my God. Walt is an irredeemable scumbag now. Between that scene and his manipulation of Jesse, this episode put him full tilt into evil narcissistic villain territory. His treatment of Skyler was the crossing of the Rubicon, I think. No sympathy for the guy anymore.

Except, if Hank was right that the drive was hopelessly encrypted anyway, then it was no steps forward.

I liked that the German executive restroom was so red-themed that even the toilet paper was red.

Okay, I guess I was confused about Madrigal. I thought they made heating equipment, or laundry machines, or something along those lines.

Possibly, though I took it to mean he knew the jig was up and there was no way out. We heard from the secretary that the cops had already come by before. Maybe he just couldn’t face prison.

Yes, I was cringing during that scene. Almost had to mute it. She looked on the verge of screaming.

Did she have any lines during this episode ? She mumbled a few half away words at the beginning, but I think that was it. (I mean that in a good (good acting) way).

They are a big conglomerate with many divisions that expanded into the restaurant business under Mr. Shuler’s guidance. So, yeah, they do produce the kind of equipment you describe, among many other things.